Othello Act II

Characters Othello, Montano, Cassio, Desdemona, Iago, Emilia, Roderigo
Who is Montano? Cyprus’ Governor
Who was on the first ship to arrive to Cyprus? Iago, Emilia, Desdemona, and Roderigo
What is Iago’s secret? He lusts after Desdemona because he suspects Othello having slept with his wife, Emilia
What is Roderigo’s involvement in Iago’s plan? He will cause a scene in an attempt to falsify that Cassio has been sleeping with Desdemona to torture Othello
Summary of Act II Scene II Othello hosts a celebration due to the safety from the Turks and his recent marriage to Desdemona
What does Iago tell Cassio? Iago plants the seed that Desdemona is a temptress and then convinces him to drink, going against Othello’s orders to him
What do we learn in Scene III about Iago’s plan? He plans to convince Roderigo and three other drunken Cyproits to join himself and Cassio on guard, after which he will convince Cassio to disgrace himself
What happened to cause the stabbing of Montano? Cassio gets drunk and fights with Roderigo. Montano steps in to stop him and Cassio stabs him
What happens as a result of the stabbing of Montano? Iago uses the oportunity to manipulate Othello and convinces him that Cassio is a problem. Othello shortly after releases Cassio from service