Othello Act I

What is roderigo complaining about in the opening scene? what does he mean when he says, ” i take it much unkindly that thou iago, who hast had my purse as if the strings were thine, shouldst know of this!”? (p. 24/25) Roderigo is paying iago to keep him informed about desdemona, who ran away with othello, and is angered that he wasn’t told this earlier.
Why does iago say he hates othello so much, and what does he mean when he says: “in following him, i follow but myself.” (p. 26, line 58) He didn’t get the promotion.
Why does iago think that he should have been promoted? why is cassio not qualified? Iago was next in line. cassio has never been in battle.
What do iago and roderigo hope to accomplish by shouting insulting remarks about othello and desdemona under brabantios window? to anger barbantio and go stop them.
what is roderigo previous relationship with barbantio and desdemona? he has asked for his daughters hand in marriage (stalker)
what is barbantios reaction to othello a marriage to desdemona? horrified and believes that there is a spell on her
what are othello and iago talking about at the opening of this scene? (p. 36/37-38/39) iago is ratting on roderigo and what he said to barbantio who is also heading to see him.
when iago warns othello that barbantio is “much-loved” and may try to seperate him and desdemona, what is othellos answer and what does it suggest about what othello values? his royalty, his clear conscience, and his service to venice.
what does othello mean when he says: “my parts, my title, and my perfect soul/ shall manifest me rightly?” what has iago suggested before he says this? his character, his title, and his clear conscience will testify for him.
why has the duke sent for othello? what danger is cyprus facing? turkish fleet is heading for cyprus
according to barbantio, how has othello seduced his daughter? with a magic spell
in response to barbantios accusation, othello explains how desdemona originally fell in love with him. how did it happen and what part did desdemona play in the beginning of the relationship? othello told desdemona stories of his past and she fell in love with him. when she did her chores she would do them quickly then come to him
what is the dukes reply to othello she story? that the relationship had nothing to do with casting a spell
brabantio asks desdemona where her loyalty lies. what is her response? first it lied with her father, but now it lies with othello
after hearing his daughters side of the story, what does brabantio say to othello and desdemona? why does he say that he is glad he has no other child? he says that it’s okay for them to be married, but he will disown desdemona. he thinks another child would do the same thing.
what is othellos concern about desdemona? what solution is not acceptable? what is the plan that is finally agreed upon? where she will stay while othello is gone for battle, desdemona ends up going with her
what warning does brabantio give to othello? that she deceived him and might deceive othello.
what is the point of iagos “virtue, a fig” speech? what is his advice to roderigo? that men have control of what they do
at the end of this scene, iago gives a second reason for hating othello; what is this reason? what is iago plotting against othello/cassio? that a rumor was passed around that othello slept with his wife, and that cassio slept with his wife