Othello Act 5 Questions

How would Iago gain from Roderigo’s death? Cassio’s? By Roderigo’s, he would not have to repay him for all the jewels and money he took. From Cassio’s he would be keeping his promise to Othello. By both of these, he is keeping his hands clean.
What happens when Roderigo attacks Cassio? Who actually wounds Cassio? Roderigo misses when he tries to attack Cassio. Instead, Iago wounds and eventually wounds and kills Cassio by attacking him from behind. Iago also stabs Roderigo and he dies.
What does Othello assume has happened? Is he correct? He assumes that Iago kept his promise and that Cassio is dead. Instead, Cassio is wounded but not dead.
After Bianca appears, what new part of his plot does Iago begin in Scene 1? Iago draws Bianca into suspicion for the attack on Cassio. Because her reputation is in question, it is possible that the others will believe she committed this act.
Who will get the blame for the attack on Cassio if Iago has his way? Bianca will be blamed for the attack on Cassio.
What justification does Othello try to give the murder of Desdemona in Scene 2? He claims he is serving mankind. In the name of justice, she will not be able to ruin other good and noble men.
How does Othello kilL Desdemona? What interruption occurs while he is doing it? He smothers her with a pillow but he is interrupted by Emilia.
Whom does Desdemona blame for her death? Does Emilia believe her? Desdemona blames herself for her death; but Emilia doesn’t believe her.
How is Desdemona faithful to Othello in the end? By saying that she caused her own death.
What happens when Iago tells his wife not to speak and to go home, orders that good Renaissance wives should follow without question? Out of love for Desdemona, she refuses. Eventually, to quiet her, Iago kills her.
What is Emilia’s reaction when Othello tells her that Iago has revealed Desdemona’s affair with Cassio to him? She realizes that Desdemona’s death was partly her fault for giving Cassio the handkerchief. Also, she tells Othello he is an idiot for listening to Iago.
What is Othello finally beginning to realize at 5. 2.244-249? What has happened to Desdemona’s father? Othello realizes he has been decieved and made a grave mistake by murdering Desdemona. Desdemona’s father died over a broken heart from the marriage.
Why does Othello attack Iago? He is furious with him for having him kill Desdemona.
What is Othello’s reaction to having is sword taken away? He claims he has another sword in the chamber.
How does Othello use the second sword he finds in the room? He uses it to kill himself.
How do Roderigo’s pockets conveniently help to clarify much of what has happened? They find letters from Iago in his pocket that act as his confession (shows blackmail, his plan, etc.).
What happens to Othello, Iago, and Cassio in the end? Othello kills himself, Iago will be tortured for the rest of his life, and Cassio will be the governor of Cyprus and gets to torture Iago.
Who gets Othello’s estate? Why? Gratiano (Desdemona’s uncle), he gets it as restitution for Desdemona’s death caused by the Moor.