Othello Act 4 and 5

Why did Cassio give the handkerchief to Bianca? To make a copy because he knows Desdemona will want it back soon.
Who is Lodovico in relation to Desdemona? They are cousins.
What is ironic about Cassio taking over for Othello when Othello returns to Venice? Cassio has no job because he was fired, but now he has a better job.
What does Emilia reveal to Desdemona about her feelings on cheating? She says that she would cheat on Iago; that women cheat on their men all the time.
What does Othello say when he confesses to Desdemona’s death? He calls Desdemona a liar and says that she will go to hell.
Desdemona blames which person for her murder? She blames herself.
When Emilia enters the room, why does Othello draw the curtains around the bed? Othello draws the curtains around the bed so Emelia cannot see Desdemona’s dead body on the bed.
When Othello says he will kill Desdemona for what (in order) does she plead? First she asks for mercy, then she asks to be banished, then killed tomorrow, then killed in a half an hour, then she asks to let her say one more prayer, and then…she is dead.
As Emilia is talking to Bianca, how does her attitude begin to change about prostitution? She disrespects Bianca for being a prostitute, whereas before she was accepting of it.
What is one thing Roderigo is upset about at this point in Act IV? He has been giving all his money to Iago, but he still doesn’t have a relationship with Desdemona.
What is Roderigo’s plan before he leaves Cyprus? He’s going to visit Desdemona and ask for his jewels back. If she doesn’t give them back, he will go and beat up Iago until he gets his money back
What is Iago’s plan to help Roderigo? He’s going to have Roderigo kill Cassio, and once Cassio is gone, he can then have Desdemona.
What is a shroud and how will Desdemona’s wedding sheets be used at the end of this play? A shroud is a sheet in which you wrap a dead person.At the end of the play they are used to wrap her body in
Why do women cheat according to Emilia? Their husbands taught them.
What are the reasons why Iago wants Cassio dead? Cassio makes Iago look ugly and he may talk to Othello, thus ruining the plan.
Describe the fight that takes place between Roderigo and Cassio? How does Iago interfere? Cassio comes down the street, Rodrigo tries to stab him but he misses. Cassio instead stabs Roderigo and he falls, and then Iago stabs Cassio in the leg.
How is Gratiano related to Desdemona? He is her uncle.
Who does Iago blame for Cassio’s attack? He blames Bianca.
Why does Iago want to kill Rodrigo? Rodrigo is going to ask for his money back
Who goes to Venice to tell the Venetians about what has happened in Cyprusl? Lodovico
Who inherits everything? Gratiano
What does Othello do in the final scene before he falls on the bed? He kisses Desdemona.
According to Gratino who else in Cyprus is dead? Barbantio
What are the events that lead up to Emilia’s death? Othello tries to stab Iago but is disarmed by Montano. Then, Iago stabs Emilia and runs away
Who runs after Iago? Montano
Where does Emilia die? In the bed next to Desdemona
Who does Othello wound before he dies? Iago
To whom does Othello apologize? Cassio
What is the one thing the other characters never find out? Iago’s reasons for all his manipulations.
what did they find in Rodrigo’s pockets? Three letters explaining the details about the murders
What else does Rodrigo tell them before he dies? Rodrigo talks about how Iago tried to kill him.
What does Emilia say about the handkerchief? She said she found it and gave it to Iago.
What are some of the resolutions to the play? Cassio will rule in Cyprus.Iago will be tortured in Cyprus.Othello will be taken back to Venice.
How does Othello die? He commits suicide by stabbing himself.
Who, according to Lodovico, inherits all of Othello’s wealth? Gratiano