Othello Act 4

Iago tells Othello that Cassio has told him all about the affair. Iago puts lewd images in Othello’s noggin. What happens to Othello after this? From all the stress and anxiety, he passes out
Cassio shows up and Iago tells him to come back later. What does Iago tell Othello he will do to show him further proof? He will get Cassio to talk about Bianca making Othello think he was talking about Desdemona
During this phony conversation between Iago and Cassio, Iago makes Othello believe the pair are discussing Desdemona instead of Bianca. What do we actually learn about Bianca? We learn that Bianca is a prostitute.
How does Iago get Cassio to talk about Bianca? How does it appear to Othello? Iago says that there is a rumor that Bianca wants to marry Cassio. To make matters worse Othello now thinks that Cassio is only using Desdemona.
What is the purpose of having Bianca show up at this point? To confuse the handkerchief situation even more
Why does Othello say that she is a sweet creature and then in the next breath that he wants her to rot Othello loves her, but she can never forgive him
What news does Lodovico bring? A letter from Venice says to make Cassio governor of Cyprus and to come home.
How does Desdemona respond to the news? She’s happy for Cassio
Even after Othello slaps Desdemona in front of the guests, how does she react? She remains calm and polite and says she doesn’t deserve it; obedient
In his somewhat deranged state, Othello refers to Cassio and Desdemona as “goats” and “monkeys”. Who is normally the one to use animal imagery? What might Othello’s use of animal imagery suggest? Iago; Othello is turning into Iago
What does Ludovico ask Iago and what is Iago’s response? Ludovico asks Iago if Othello is always angry and abusive. Iago says he changed into this person.
Desdemona does not understand Othello’s anger until he calls her a *****. What is her reactions? She’s shocked and is being defensive
After Desdemona she recovers, what is her plan? She asks her to put her wedding sheets on her bed
Iago, Emilia, and Desdemona discuss why Othello would call Desdemona “that cunning *****”. What does Emilia guess? Someone made up a rumor to get a spot in the army
What is Iago’s reaction and why is this telling? Iago’s reaction is that no one could be that mean and his reaction shows how fake he is
Rodrigo shows up again. What is his issue? That Iago has been stealing from him.
Iago then makes up a story to trick Rodrigo. What is the story and what will he get Rodrigo to do? Iago says that if Cassio gets the job at Cyprus, Othello and Desdemona will move away to Africa. Rodrigo is now going to kill Cassio for Iago.
What eerie request does Desdemona make of Emilia? She asks for her to put on their wedding sheets.
Desdemona asks Emilia if there are women who are unfaithful. What does this reveal about Desdemona? It reveal how innocent Desdemona really is.
What is Emilia’s response to Desdemona’s questioning about an unfaithful wife? What does she say about women who do commit adultery? She says that if a women is unfaithful it could be the husband’s fault. It shows that women are not just a toy.