Othello Act 4

A4. Iago tells Othello that Cassio has told him of his affair with Desdemona. He agitates Othello with lewd images. What’s the result? Othello becomes very upset and sick thinking about the affair
A4. Cassio shows up at this point, and Iago tells him to come back later. How does Iago say he’ll show Othello further proof? he’ll talk to Cassio about Des while Othello hides and listens
A4. Iago plans to get Cassio talking about Bianca, so Othello will think Cassio is talking about Des. What further info does Iago reveal about Bianca? she loves Cassio and wishes to marry him
A4. How does Iago manage to get Cassio talking about Bianca while Othello thinks he is talking about Desdemona? he asks questions about Bianca and Cassio laughs, which makes Othello think he is talking about Desdemona
A4. What is the purpose of having Bianca show up at this point? to further heat up the situation; she asks about the handkerchief and further helps Iago trick Othello.
A4. Why does Othello say one moment she is a sweet creature and, in another breath, talking of letting her rot? because he truly loved her and still believes she’s beautiful, but he’s hurt by her supposed actions.
A4. What news does Lodovico bring from Venice? the Duke is calling Othello back to Venice
A4. How does Des react to the news? she is very happy
A4. After Othello slaps Des in front of the guests, how does she react? she cries and exits out of anger
A4. In his somewhat deranged state, Othello refers to “goats and monkeys.” It appears to make no sense, but it is a reference to what earlier comments in the play by Iago? it referenced what Iago said about jealousy and how he is weak and out of control.
A4. What does Lodovico ask Iago and what is Iago’s response? he asks why Othello is acting strange; he asks if he is sick or if he always acts this way. Iago says he cannot explain and that Lodovico must stay and see for himself.
A4. Throughout the discussion with Othello, Des still does not understand the problem; finally, Othello calle her a wh*re. What is Des’ reaction? she denies it and begins to cry
A4. After she recovers, what seems to be her plan? to get Emilia to lay out her wedding sheets and get Iago.
A4. Iago, Emilia, and Des discuss how it could have happened that Othello called her “that cunning wh*re.” What is Emilia’s thought about Othello’s accusations? he should be punished and sent to hell for having said that.
A4. What is Iago’s reaction to this? he says it’s all fine and Emilia needs to be quiet.
A4. Roderigo shows up. What is his complaint to Iago? that he wants his money back and is done with lies.
A4. Once again, however, Iago wins Roderigo back to his side. How? he tells him that his luck will change and that they are friends.
A4. Iago makes up a story to trick Roderigo. What is it he wants Roderigo to do? he wants him to kill Cassio and Othello will stay in Cyprus.
A4. Othello seems much calmer since he made up his mind. What is revealed about Desdemona’s thoughts? she loves him, but knows not to make him mad.
A4. Des asks Emilia if she thinks that there are women who are unfaithful to the husbands. Does Des seem naive with this question? yes; she genuinely doesn’t know about the subject.
A4. What is Emilia’s response? What does she say about females who commit adultery? she’s sure there are; she says they’re not at fault because they have crappy husbands.
A4. Des has been abused, slapped and humiliated by her husband, yet she loves him and hopes to convince him of the purity of their marriage. Does she seem weak or foolish because of her total love for Oth? foolish, because she deserves better than what Othello has done to her.