Othello Act 3 vocabulary

Affinity (n.) preference; natural skill; similarity
Casidation (n.) scolding; telling someone what they have done wrong morally
Dissemble (v.) to lie; to tell an untruth; to conceal the truth
Languishes (v.) to suffer; to waste away because of intense illness or sadness
Recoiling (v.) to withdraw from; the retreat away from
Ruminate (v.) to reflect or think about something deeply; to ponder
Sequester (v.) to separate; to take one person/thing away and isolate them
Surmises (n.) guesses; inferences about a situation
Vehement (adj.) intense; to feel something very strongly
Veritable (adj.) true; genuine; authentic
Edified (v.) to be taught or instructed
Inference (n.) an educated guess; suggestion
Indicted (v.) accused or charged with a crime or moral wrong
Chide (v.) scold or blame for bad behavior
Discern (v.) to tell the difference between; to understand