Othello Act 2 scene 1-3 (36-53)

True of false Cassio and Roderigo are friends False
True or False Roderigo thinks Desdemona is not quite the lady she seems to be False
True or false Iago thinks Roderigo also has slept with his wife Emilia False
What has Iago instructed Roderigo to do regarding cassio? Cause a scene and make Cassio mad. By speaking too loud, or tainting his discipline.
Who is the “poor trash of Venice”? Roderigo
What is going to happen on Cyprus the night everyone from Venice arrives? What is the purpose of this happening? Have a party to celebrate their victory over the Turks, and Celebrate Desdemona’s and Othello’s nuptial
What are the first steps in Iago’s plan of Othello’s destruction? Getting Cassio drunk, which makes Othello demote him, Iago tells Cassio to go ask Desdemona for help, which will make Othello think that Cass is sleeping with Desdemona.
Iago tries to engage Cassio in a bit of “potting”. What does Cassio tell Iago about his, Cassio’s, endurance for this activity? That he can’t drink very much that he is a light-weight
According to Iago what is Cassio’s infirmity? Alcohol
What happens between Cassio and Montano? Explain the situation fully Cassio hits montano over the head with a bottle which makes them fight.
As Cassio and Montano are fighting, what does Iago tell Roderigo to do? Ring the bell, call for help
What does Montano tell Othello is his reason for fighting with Cassio? He was defending himself
Who tells Othello about the brawl that has taken place? Why does Othello believe this person? Iago, he believes him to be very honest.
In what obscure way has Cassio been “injured” in this scene His reputation
What does Iago say about a man’s reputation? It means nothing, “reputation is an idle and most false imposition”
What does Iago tell Cassio to do to win his place back with Othello? Speak with Desdemona
What two things does Iago plan to do to move his plan of destruction forward, as revealed in his last lines of Act 2? Emilia must move (intercede) for Cassio. And Iago must draw Othello away from Desdemona, then bring him back to find Cassio being social with Desdemona.
Who is the newest character to be brought into Iago’s vengeful plan? Explain. Emilia by helping Cassio speak with Desdemona