Iago’s relationship with Rodrigo -he’s promising him money-he’s promising him Desdemona
Cassio and Drinking he gets wasted, Rodrigo picks a fight with him. Montero sees Cassio drunk and Iago plants seeds on his drunken/ unqualified personalities. Cassio stabs Montero. O demotes Cassio and Iago is promoted.
Cassio and reputation/ Iago’s advise to get it back After he’s demoted Cassio talks to Iago about how he’s lost his reputation. Iago convinces him that Desdemona will help him get back to good graces. Iago plans to make O think that Desdemona is sleeping with Cassio.
Cassio in the garden with Emelia and desdemona/ O and Iago Cassio leaves guiltily when O and Iago enter, Iago makes a point of it. Iago and O talk, Iago plants seeds of doubt. O questions why she would ever be with him.
The handerchief and how it’s lost/ what does it represent Des tries to give it to O to wipe his head which he keeps rubbing, he says its too small and it’s lost on the floor. Handerchief represents her chastity; his mother said it was magical and if it was lost or given away then her father would hate her.
Cassio’s “dream” Iago lies and tells O that Cassio was sleeping and kissed him and rode on top of him and cursed the “moor” for being with Des. O throws an epileptic fit.
Bianca, and the handkerchief she loves Cassio and wants to marry him; he gives her the handkerchief he found and wants her to copy the embrodery on it.
Iago Cassio and Bianca and Othello Iago gets O to hide in some bushes and listen while Iago and Cassio talk about “Desdemona”, but theyre talking about Bianca and cassio is laughing about how much she loves him and he doesnt her. Bianca comes in and says how dare he give her a handkerchief that was a gift from another lover.
O slaps Desdemona Lodovico comes with a letter saying thta O is sentenced back to Venice while Cassio will be his replacement. Desdemona answers the questions Lodovico asks and even says that she loves Cassio. Othello hits her for it. Ludovico is shocked and O sends her away. `
O had emelia follow Desdemona to look for infidelity, what is the result Emelia says that she has been honest, O doesnt believe it and thinks theyre conspiring whores.
Towards the end of the story Desdemona comes to Iago and asks why O is upset he says… he’s just worried about state affairs
Rodrigo and Iago’s plan to kill cassio Iago says O has been summoned to Africa and hes taking Desdemona, the only way to stop this would be to kill Cassio because then O would have to stay and govern.
Willow song song about a women who is betrayed by her husband and about infidelity in general it seems.
Emilia and Desdemona’s talk about the wedding shroud/ faithfulness/ how would desdemona respond to a bad deed? would she get even? Emilia says she’d cheat if it meant she could help her husband. Emilia says that men should blame themselves if their wives cheat. Desdemona says she’d rather repay a bad deed with a good deed.
Rodrigo attacks Cassio Cassio hurts Rodrigo/ Cassio is hurt by Iago in the leg but does not see who hurt him. he calls over lodovico and gratiano and stabs rodrigo.
Othello chokes Desdemona to death, who does she say kills her? Emilias involvement She says she killed herself but O refutes it. Emilia says she was not unfaithful- O still fights the truth tells the truth, so she about the handkerchief. O rushes to stab Iago but is stopped by montano; Iago kills his wife
Why did desdemona ask for one more night to live she asks so that she can prove shes not a virgin
What does Othello finally do to Iago? What is iago’s punishment? O stabs him, Iago says hell never speak again and its implied that he will be tortured.
How does O want to be remembered by Lodovico he wants to be remembered for who he was, and why he did what he did. he was defending his honor.
How does Roderigo help after death? They find a letter on him that says what Iago had conspired with him.
The very end of the play… O stabs himself and kisses desdemona’s lips, gratiano is appointed Os successor.
Faults of O -his pride kills him; he jumps to conclusions; he also doesnt think hes worthy of her love. hes very insecure, leads to jealousy
Iago/ his motive hes the villian, hes the protagonist, he knowingly hurts others. He was wronged just like O was. O picked Cassio over him, cassio is just an accountant with no military experience.
medius reas in the middle of the action, where O starts
why did Des fall in love with O? he would always come over and tell her father stories of his wars, she fell in love.
Cypress vs. Venice Cypress is uncivilized and Venice is.
Brabantio Des’ father, he told roderigo to stop chasing after his daughter originally. He thinks that O has tricked his daughter into loving him and takes his story to the duke. No dice. He warns O that Desdemona has been deceitful before.