Much Ado About Nothing Vocab (Aromando)

Achilles’ heel (noun) weak point
Stentorian (adjective) very loud
Mnemonic (adjective) assisting memory
Fathom (verb) understand, figure out, pentrate the meaning of
Serendipity (noun) ability to make lucky discoveries by chance or accident
Desultory (Adjective) random, unmethodical, aimless
Pariah (noun) social outcast
Tawdry (adjective) showy and cheap (tacky or tasteless)
Pecuniary (adjective) relating to money
Impecunious (adjective) having little or no money; poor
Spartan (adjective) severe, rigorous, disciplined
Gadfly (noun) person who continually annoys others
Homage (noun) action showing respect and honor
Spurn (verb) scornfully refuse
Pedigree (noun) ancestry or record of ancestry; line of decesnt
Pittance (noun) small amount or portion, espceially of money
Preposterous (adjective) ridiculous, obviously absurd, contrary to reason
Macabre (noun/adjective) gruesome, horrible, causing fear, suggesting the horror of death
Farce (noun) ridiculous, light comedy; slapstick comedy; absurd thing; mockery
Bombast (noun) speech or writing that sounds grand or important but has little meaning