Much Ado About Nothing Test Review

Don Pedro Prince of Arragon
Don John Prince’s illegitimate brother
Claudio A young lord of Florence, favorite of Don Pedro
Benedick A young Lord or Padua, favorite of Don Pedro
Leonato Governor of Messina
Antonio Leonato’s brother
Borachio and Conrad Followers of Don John
Dogberry and Verges Two foolish officers
Hero Daughter of Leonato
Beatrice Niece to Leonato
Margaret and Ursula Gentlewomen attending Hero
Don Pedro comes from Arragon
Names Beatrice called Benedick Signoir Mountanto and he is a stuffed clown
Beatrice and Benedick’s past together Unpleasant history/relationship
Beatrice’s treatment of Benedick Cruel
Beatrice and Benedick’s attitude towards marriage They both don’t want to get married. They have been hurt before, so it is not appealing.
Benedick’s attitude towards Hero She is too short
Don Pedro’s attitude towards Benedick’s belief He thinks Hero is worthy if Claudio is in love with her.
Don Pedro’s offer to Claudio To disguise himself as Claudio and woo Hero.
Don John’s first plan He says that Don Pedro is in love with Hero and plans to marry her.
Beatrice’s treatment of Benedick at the ball She was very cruel to him and calls him a clown.
Don Pedro’s proposal To Beatrice
Don Pedro’s plan to get Beatrice and Benedick together He talks to Claudio and Leonato that Beatrice really loves Benedick and makes sure Benedick hears this conversation. Then he tells Hero and Ursula to do the same.
Don John’s second plan Have Borachio woo Margaret and bring Claudio to see this telling him that Margaret is Hero.
Margaret’s part in plan Woo Borachio and pretend she’s Hero.
Borachio’s part in plan Woo Margaret pretending to be Hero.
Wedding- Claudio’s behavior Claudio says he won’t marry Hero. He is very cold and upset.
Wedding- Hero’s reaction Hero faints
Wedding- Friar’s plan Hero to pretend to be dead to clear her name.
Beatrice wishes Benedick would do what? Kill Claudio
What must Claudio do to gain forgiveness from Leonato? Write an epitaph and sing it to Hero’s bones.
Benedick’s wish at the end of the play? Marry Beatrice
What happens to Don John? Captured
Which characters are foils to one another? Don Pedro and Don John Beatrice and Hero Benedick and Claduio