Much Ado About Nothing Quiz Answers

Leonato’s home is in the town of Messina
A witty young woman who tends to be sarcastic Beatrice
The men return from where in the beginning of Much Ado a war with France
Beatrice uses the phrase “Signior Mountanto” to make fun of who Benedick
How do Beatrice and Benedick both feel at the beginning of the book they never want to marry
Who dresses like Claudio for the masquerade Don Pedro
Don John causes trouble by doing what causing Claudio to become jealous
Don Pedro convinces the group to help him do what set up Beatrice and Benedick
Balthasar’s song in act II reflects on what the unreliability of men
At the end of act II, Benedick believes what Beatrice is in love with him
Leonato says Claudio can do penance by doing what marrying Hero’s cousin, hanging an epitaph on Hero’s tomb, and proclaiming Hero’s purity throughout the land
The truth is revealed about Hero when Borachio admits to his transgression with Margaret
At the end of the play, Don John is a prisoner
Claudio and Hero reveal that Beatrice and Benedick what possess love letters for one another
The play ends with what dancing
“Now, unto thy bones good night! Yearly will i do this rite.” Claudio proclaiming how he will correct Hero’s tainted reputation and do whatever it takes to right his wrong