Much ado about nothing plot summary

Act 1 scene 1 The male characters return from war and plan to stay with leonato of messina. Beatrice expresses her disdain for Benedick
Act 1 scene 2 Antonio tells Leonato that he believes Don Pedro plans to marry Hero
Act 1 scene 3 Don John plots revenge when Borachio tells him that Don Pedro plans to woo a Hero in Claudio’s behalf
Act 2 scene 1 Masquerade ball. Don Pedro proposes to Hero for Claudio, but Claudio believes Don John’s lie that Don Pedro wants to marry Hero himself. Don Pedro calms Claudio’s worries and a wedding is set
Act 2 scene 2 Borachio tells Don John of his relationship with Margaret and explains how they could use it to spoil Hero and Claudio’s relationship
Act 2 scene 3 Benedictine overhears Claudio, Don Pedro and Leonato discussing how much Beatrice likes him
Act 3 scene 1 Beatrice overhears Hero and Margaret discussing how Benedick loves her
Act 3 scene 2 Don John interrupts Claudio and Don Pedro’s teasing of Benedick over his feelings for Beatrice to reveal he has proof that Hero is uncharte
Act 3 scene 3 The watch arrest Cinrade and Borachio as they drunkenly discuss the success their plot to ruin Hero’s reputation
Act 3 scene 4 The female characters prepare for Hero’s wedding later that day
Act 3 scene 5 Dogberry and Verges try to tell Leonato of the plan to ruin Hero’s wedding day but Leonato is in a rush and Dogberry is unable to express himself clearly
Act 4 scene 1 The wedding. Claudio publicly shamed Hero and as a result her father wishes her dead. The female characters and Benedick stand by Hero and so Friar France’s devises a plan for Hero to ‘ die’. Beatrice wishes to be a man so she could kill Claudio; instead she asks Benedick to do it to prove he loves her
Act 4 scene 2 The trail of Borachio and Conrade. Conrade calls Dogberry an ‘ass’
Act 5 scene 1 Leonato challenges Claudio to a duel, but Claudio refuses as Leonato is too old. Benedick then challenges him to a duel instead. Dogberry brings Conrade and Broachio to confess to the Prince and Count. Claudio begs Leonato for forgiveness, Leonato asks Caludio to publicly mourn Hero and marry his niece
Act 5 scene 2 Benedick and Beatrice talk of their love for each other before finding out that Heros name has been cleared
Act 5 scene 3 Claudio pays public tribute to Hero
Act 5 scene 4 Claudio marries Leonato niece and afterwards discovers it was Hero after all. Benedick and Beatrice deny their love for each other after they find out they were both tricked, but having both written about their feelings they agree to marry. Benedick and Claudio reconcile their friendship. A messenger reveals that Don John has been arrested. Ends with dancing