Much Ado About Nothing Character Relationships

Beatrice Leonato’s Niece, Hero’s Cousin, Benedick’s Lover
Benedick Friend of Don John and Claudio, Beatrice’s Lover
Claudio Hero’s Lover
Hero Leonato’s Daughter, Beatrice’s Cousin, Claudio’s Lover
Don Pedro Leonato’s, Benedick, and Cladio’s Friend, Don John’s Half Brother
Leonato Hero’s Father, Beatrice’s Uncle
Don John Don Pedro’s Half Brother
Margaret Hero’s Helper, Borachio’s Lover
Borachio Margaret’s Lover
Conrad Don John’s Friend
Dog Berry Chief Policeman
Verges Dog Berry’s Deputy
Antonio Leonato’s Brother, Hero’s Uncle, Beatrice’s Father
Balthasar Singer
Ursula Hero’s 2nd Helper