Rosy- The Tempest Final Summative

Act One, Scene 1 shows the “tempest” of the play’s title. How do the different characters react to the crisis? The boatswain were trying to keep the ship from sinking, whereas the royals were yelling at the crew and getting in the way because they were panicking.
Who is Miranda? What is her reaction to the scene she has just witnessed? Miranda in Former Princess of Milan, Prospero’s daughter, making her former princess of Milan. She seemed like someone empathetic when she saw the people suffering in storm and was worried they’ll get hurt.
Who is Prospero? How does he know that everyone has survived the storm? The play’s protagonist, and father of Miranda. Twelve years before the events of the play, Prospero was the duke of Milan. His brother, Antonio, in concert with Alonso, king of Naples, usurped him, forcing him to flee in a boat with his daughter. The honest lord Gonzalo aided Prospero in his escape. Prospero has spent his twelve years on the island refining the magic that gives him the power he needs to punish and forgive his enemies.
How did Prospero and Miranda come to be on the island? They came to the island when Prospero’s brother exiled him and his daughter to an abandoned island in an effort that led to a successful usurp of the throne, where his brother, Antonio, became the duke of Milan.
Who is Ariel? Why should he be grateful to Prospero, and just do what he’s told? Ariel is a spirit, he’s grateful to prospero because she saved him when she came to this island he was trapped in a tree by Sycorax.
Who was Sycorax? How does Prospero feel about her? Are there any parallels between Sycorax’s story and Prospero’s? Caliban’s mother, an evil witch that died by the time Prospero and Miranda reached in the island.
Who is Caliban? What is his attitude towards Prospero’s control of the island? Another of Prospero’s servants. Caliban, the son of the now-deceased witch Sycorax, acquainted Prospero with the island when Prospero arrived. Caliban believes that the island rightfully belongs to him and has been stolen by Prospero.
What event led Prospero to start treating Caliban as his slave? He tried to rape miranda, to make more people like him on the island.
Who taught Caliban to speak? How does he tend to use language? Why? Miranda taught Caliban to speak, and he tends to use his language for evil.
Why does Miranda think that Ferdinand might be a “spirit”? Miranda thinks that Ferdinand is a Spirit because he was the first and most attractive man she has ever seen in her life.
How does Prospero treat Ferdinand? Why? How is this treatment like and unlike the treatment of Caliban? Prospero treated Ferdinand as a slave to see if he really valued his love to Miranda. This treatment is like the treatment of Caliban since he’s being treated like a slave and it’s unlike the treatment of Caliban since it’s only temporary.
From what event were the Italians returning when they were shipwrecked? What is their attitude towards the event? They were returning from the wedding of the king’s daughter in Tunisia. Sebastian and Antonio didn’t like the situation since they were in and were negative the whole time, while Gonzalo and Adrian were positive.
What kind of society would Gonzalo like to found on the desert island (II.i.146-70)? What is the reaction of his companions? Gonzalo wants a utopia where there would be plenty of food and conveniences but nobody has to work. Everyone thinks this is impossible and Sebastian and Antonio make fun of it.
What do Antonio and Sebastian want to do to Alonso and Gonzalo? Why? What does Antonio mean when he says, “What’s past is prologue” (II.i.254)? They want to kill Alonso and Gonzalo so that Sebastian can become king of Naples.
What does Caliban think Trinculo is? What does Trinculo think Caliban is? What does Stephano think Trinculo and Caliban together are? What is their plan, and what happens to it? To what extent would you call this plan revolutionary? Caliban thought Trinculo is one of Prospero’s SpiritsTrinculo though Caliban was a fish monsterStephano thought Trinculo and Caliban together were a four-legged, two voiced monsterThey want to kill Prospero and take over the island. Both groups are trying to murder the person in charge of a new ruler to rise.
What role does Ariel play in III.ii? Ariel is invisible and disguises his voice as Trinculo’s to create chaos and trouble among the three.
The Harpies are characters from classical mythology who punish a bad king by always destroying his meals with their filth. What role do the Harpies play in III.iii? Why is Gonzalo the only character who doesn’t see and hear the speech given by Ariel in the form of a Harpy? The Harpies, especially in Ariel’s speech, punish Alonso, Sebastian, and Antonio for kicking Prospero and Miranda out of Milan.
What is Prospero’s major admonition to Ferdinand and Miranda? Why do you think he is so concerned about this? Prospero tells Ferdinand that if he takes Miranda’s virginity before they are married, then all Hell will break loose. I believe that he is concerned about this because her royalty will be damaged.
For the benefit of Ferdinand and Miranda, Prospero has Ariel stage a masque, or symbolic pageant, celebrating betrothal and marriage (IV.i). Ceres, goddess of the harvest and fertility, and Juno, goddess of marriage, as well as Iris, the goddess of the rainbow (associated with covenant or contract), all have speaking parts. Why isn’t Venus invited to the wedding masque? Venus is the goddess of love. Prospero wants Ferdinand and Miranda to focus on respect and honor instead.
What makes Prospero interrupt the masque? He suddenly remembers that Stephano, Trinculo, and Caliban are on the way to kill him.
How does Ariel get the best of the low-life plotters? He conjures some spirit-hounds to chase after Stephano, Trinculo, and Caliban after distracting them with some fancy clothes.
Does Prospero plan to continue to practice magic when his plan is brought to completion (V.i.33-57)? He plans to retire his magic and give it up.
Who first asks Prospero for forgiveness? Who might you expect to ask Prospero for forgiveness? Alonso, who wants the punishments to end because he believes his son to be dead
What does Miranda mean by the phrase, “Brave new world” (V.i.185)? She finally meets an entire world that she is not aware of, a civilized society where people know language and honor (unlike the island).
Prospero presents himself as the civilized discoverer of a desert island, with Caliban and Ariel as it’s not-quite-human inhabitants. How does Caliban’s history of the island differ from Prospero’s? Whom do you think Shakespeare agrees with, Prospero or Caliban? Whom do you agree with, Prospero or Caliban? Give textual evidence in working out your answers. Caliban was the OG of the island since his mom was the queen of the island while Prospero is a colonizer. I think he agrees with Prospero since he lived during the age where colonialism was something that’s okay. I agree with Caliban since he was raised in that land.
How does the island function as a laboratory for testing human nature? For Prospero? For Shakespeare? The island functioned as a laboratory for testing human nature because the island was testing how the royal people would live out of their comfort zone. Prospero was playing with the minds of the royal men as a punishment for stealing his dukedom.
How does Trinculo and Stephano’s discovery of Caliban resemble aspects of Prospero and Miranda’s first encounters with him? What do these scenes of discovery reveal about the political, religious, or social attitudes of each character? He was treated the same by both because he didn’t look like the Europeans and was black, Racism at this time was a major problem for black men because they were slaves.
What are the goals of the conspiracy staged by Trinculo, Stephano, and Caliban (II.ii, III.ii)? What does each party want to get out of it? Do you ever feel that they are likely to succeed? How (if at all) does the playwright let us know whose side he’s on? The goals for the three of them was to take over the island and steal the throne from Prospero. Trinculo and Stephano don’t want to be servants anymore and to have more rights and be kings while Caliban wanted a new master. It never looks like they’re likely to succeed since two of them are drunks and one of them is uncivilized. The play writer seems like he’s in Prospero’s side since at the time the play was written, it seemed okay for civilized people to colonize uncivilized people.
What do you think happens on the island once the Italians leave? What kind of community, society, or form of life can you imagine Ariel and Caliban forming either together or alone? Once the Italians leave, Ariel and Caliban will be free from serving Prospero. If Ariel was free alone he would enjoy his life without being a slave and he will play with his magic on the island. If Caliban was free alone he would live a drunken life and enjoy the beauty of his island alone without having to serve and be tortured by some. If Ariel and Caliban were free together they would develop a relationship and become best friends, and Ariel would probably make Caliban learn magic, Caliban will make Ariel drink wine with him.