Much Ado About Nothing: Act 2

To what dances does Beatrice compare wooing, wedding and repenting? Beatrice compares wooing is compared to a scottish jig, a wedding to a measure and repenting to a cinquepace.
Whom does Ursula dance with and how does she recognize him? She dances with Antonio and recognizes him by the dryness of his hands and the waggling of his head.
What statement of Benedick preceded Beatrice’s put-down of him during the dance? Benedick says that someone told him she was not funny, rude and she gets her jokes out of a joke book.
Whom does Don John purposefully mistake for Benedick? Claudio
Which characters have soliloquies in this act? Claudio and Benedick
Would Benedick marry Beatrice if she were “endowed with all that Adam had left him before he transgressed”? No, he would not marry Beatrice even if she had Adam’s Garden of Eden.
Was Don Pedro able to win Hero for Claudio? Yes
When will Claudio and Hero’s wedding take place? In a week, Monday
Whom does Don Pedro think would be an excellent wife for Benedick? Beatrice
Leonato predicts that Benedick and Beatrice, after one week of marriage, will be in what condition? They will drive each other crazy with all of their talking.
What is the first thing that Borachio tells Don John? Borachio tells Don John that he can impede and mess up Claudio and Hero’s marriage.
Who is the architect of the plan to slander Hero? Borachio is the one to come up with the plan but Don John has the power.
What does Don John state would be medicinable (helpful) to him? Anything that would cause chaos will make him feel better.
What did Borachio tell Don John a year ago? He is in favor of Margaret.
What role has been assigned to Don John in this plan? His role is to plant the lie in Don Pedro’s mind and back it up so that he will believe it.
Who will be mistaken for Hero? Margaret
What role will Borachio play? Borachio is pretending he has an affair with Hero.
What effect do the plotters expect to have on the prince, Claudio, Hero, and Leonato? Prince: abuse himClaudio: upset him Hero: destroy herLeonato: he would die of a broken heart and embarrassment
How is the only way the plan will succeed? As long as Hero isn’t there, they need to convince Margaret and the Prince
How much will Don John pay Borachio for his deceit? 1000 ducats
What graces does Benedick seek in a woman? smart, musician, nice hair (doesn’t care what color), rich, virtuous, fair/beautiful, nice, noble, manners/speech
To what does Benedick liken Balthasar’s singing? compares it a dog howling
When does Shakespeare reference the title of the play?
Why does Benedick dismiss the thought that he is being gulled? He doesn’t believe Leonato would be in on such a plot
From whom do the plotters claim to have received their information? Hero
Who fears that Beatrice will die and why? Hero because if Beatrice told Benedick about her love for him, she would die of embarrassment
How in love with Beatrice does Benedick declare he will be? horribly in love
Did Beatrice call Benedick into dinner on her own initiative? no it was against her will
At the end of the scene, what does Benedick spy in Beatrice? marks of love/ signs of love