Much Ado About Nothing

stubborn, against marriage, bitter how would you describe Beatrice?
totally against it in the repartee between Beatrice and Benedick, what feelings about marriage do both of them share?
he is jealous of Don Pedro and wants to destroy everyone else’s lives what do we learn about Don John?
people act like they are someone else; masquerade ball One theme of the play is “appearance vs. reality” or “things are not as they seem.” What action is to take place that night which will not be as it seems?
that the Prince will dance with Hero tonight and if she is perfect, marry her what misinformation does Antonio give Leonato?
a servant where has he gotten his information?
no one cares about him and he is sad all the time how does Don John, who is talking with Conrade, one of his followers, explain his own depression?
make use of his discontent what does Conrade suggest?
he took all the glory that Don John never received; Claudio is treated higher than Don John Explain Don John’s remark about Claudio, “That young start-up hath all the glory of my overthrow.”
he is not getting any inheritance from his parents because he is not the first born; he is jealous because he gets NOTHING; more like a pet than a family member Whenever a bastard half-brother appears in a Shakespearean play, he usually is a resentful, angry villian. Explain how the law of primogeniture in the 16th century might have been a cause of the resentment.
most people so far are happy and joyful and somewhat nice, but Don John only cares for himself and is always trying to harm other how does Don John’s personality and behavior contrast with everyone else we have seen thus far?
she will never find a husband because she is so mean what do Leonato and Antonio say to Beatrice to tease her?
bitter, against marraige, stubborn in what way is Beatrice like Benedick?
he is a jester, very dull, a fool, only mean; he feels like the whole world sees him that way now How does Beatrice insult Benedick? A little later, how does the reader know that Benedick is upset?
a bird; he trust to many people to what does Benedick compare Claudio? What is being suggested about Claudio?
Beatrice comes in and he is trying to avoid her; Lady Tongue; everything they say actually hurts each other sometimes, and each insult is chosen for a reason for what reason does Benedick exit in such a hurry? In leaving, what does Benedick call Beatrice? What is suggested about their verbal dueling?
How is Beatrice a foil or contrast to Don John? How is Beatrice a foil for Hero?
tell the Prince that Hero is a prostitute; convince Claudio and Prince (Don Pedro) that she really is a prostitute by making up things an giving “proof” Explain Borachio’s scheme to end the marriage plans of Claudio and Hero. What is Don John’s part in the plan?
they are lovers, and she will do anything he asks According to Borachio, why will Margaret cooperate in this?
it’s about why he likes Beatrice what is the point of Benedick’s soliloquy?
hide; wants to see what they have to say about Beatrice what does Benedick do as Leonato, Claudio, and Don Pedro enter? Why?
Beatrice writes letters to Benedick then rips it up; she will die if he doesn’t love her back or tells him she loves him; she cries at night for him Describe three things that convince Benedick that Claudio and Leonato’s conversation is truthful
he feels bad for her; he will be looked down in if he doesn’t love her back identify two reasons that Benedick decides to return Beatrice’s love
are some of the jokes/insults toward him a little true explain Benedick’s remarks “…shall quips and sentences, and these paper bullets of the brain, awe a man from the career of his humor?”
go get Beatrice and tell her that Hero and Ursula are talking in the garden; act like Benedick is sickly in love with Beatrice an praise him alot what does Hero tell Margaret to do? what does Hero tell Ursula to do?
fish to what animal does Hero compare Beatrice?
he is handome, noble, he loves her dearly, he has a good name, it is not the first time she has heard this; Benedick could love her, and love will make her a good person For what reasons does Beatrice decide to return Benedick’s love?
because Claudio will be just married, and Benedick will never be married; he is ok with it, but he feels different why does Don Pedro say he chose Benedick to accompany him to Arragon after Claudio’s wedding? What is Benedick’s reaction?
he is tired of Don Pedro’s and Claudio’s jokes Why does Benedick leave with Leonato?
grief is easier said then done explain Benedick’s remark, “Well, every one can master a grief, but he that has it.”
she is disloyal/prostitute; go to her window tonight to see what does Don John mean when he says to Don Pedro and Claudio that Hero is, “Leonato’s Hero, your Hero, every man’s Hero?” How does he propose to prove this?
watch over the prince what is the job of the watch?
to call for him what does Dogberry tell them to do if they have trouble?
it looked like Hero and it was too dark to tell for sure who it was why were Claudio and Don Pedro so easily fooled in the garden?
prince obstruction; lying to a prince of what crime does the watch accuse Conrade and Borachio?
Margaret said something innappropriate; she asked if she could not speak truth now why does Hero ask Margaret if she is not ashamed of what she had said? what was Margaret’s response?
she is full of love and gossip another example of a double entendre is when Beatrice says her nose is stuffed. What is Margaret’s play on the word “stuffed’?
the men are coming to bring her to church as Hero prepared to leave for the church at the end of this scene, what surprise awaits her?
they are keeping a secret from him; won’t tell him something why does Leonato become impatient with Dogberry and Verges?
what does the messenger inform Leonato of?
she looks innocent and honorable, but she is actually a prostitute/unloyal after making a number of short comments, Claudio finally gets to the point. what does he say about the appearance of Hero and the reality of Hero?
Claudio had taken Hero’s virginity once Leonato understands what Claudio means, what does he initially suppose caused Claudio to condemn Hero?
he says he can’t help her defend herself when Leonato turns to Don Pedro for help, what is the prince’s repsonse?
he was a witness; he saw her with a man late at night what proof does Don Pedro give to support this low opinion of Hero?
he will love no one else because he trusts no one anymore Claudio tells us that he shall “lock up all the gates of love.” Why will he do this?
she is still innocent because he can tell by the way she looks; they pretend that she is dead until everything calms down what is the friar’s opinion, and what is his suggestion?
voice of reason what does the friar represent?
Benedick feels bad for Beatrice, they then proclaim their love for each other, Beatrice wants him to kill Claudio and he says no, she gets mad, he still loves her and eventually decides to kill him what is Benedick’s reaction to all this, and what is Beatrice’s reaction?
everyone is trying to find the wrong-doers and he is using words he doesn’t know but acting like he does How does Dogberry’s limited knowledge of language add to the humor in this scene?
Don John set it all up in the examination of the witnesses, what does Dogberry set great store by? (what does Dogberry figure out?)
uses words bigger than his vocabulary; he doesn’t mind having fun what do you suppose there is about Dogberry that makes him a typical comic figure in a Shakespearean comedy?
Dogberry was called an ass by Conrade; he admits it, but says he is a good idiot (wealthy, chief of police, etc…) How had Conrade wounded Dogberry, and what is the response?
no one has been in his position/felt like he has why does Leonato say that Antonio cannot help him?
they refuse to fight him and make jokes about him going crazy/mad how do Don Pedro and Claudio first react to Benedick’s challenge?
he feels guilty and says that it is all his fault why does Borachio so readily confess his villainy?
thank you for my daughter’s death when Borachio says that he alone killed Hero, what is Leonato’s sarcastic response?
marry his brother’s daughter for Claudio to make amends, what does Leonato require of him?
she is slightly guilty because she did participate but didn’t know what she was doing how guilty is Margaret in the conspiracy?
Benedick realizes she is witty and tries to out-smart her How would you characterize the exchange of witty insults between Margaret and Benedick?
did she kill Claudio; he talked to him and Benedick wants to kiss Beatrice What is Beatrice’s greatest concern when she meets Benedick? What is Benedick’s respone?
Hero was falsely accused what news does Ursula bring?
Claudio now feels bad and is mad at himself now for what he did how is Claudio in this scene contrasted with Benedick in the last scene?
what happened to Don John the final curtain comes down at the end of this scene, so everything has to be resolved. What is the number one question to be answered?
he didn’t have to kill Claudio then why is Benedick relieved that the confusion worked out as it did?
she is masked at the wedding scene why does Claudio not immediately recognize Hero?
people are not who they seem; Hero wasn’t recognizable with it on, but when she pulled it off, they realized it was her; then they finally figured out that she never really died how does this masking of Hero, and ultimate unmasking of Hero, fit in with the play’s major theme?
to get married (they figure out that they were set up, but Hero and Claudio come and show them letters to each other, and then Beatrice and Benedick kiss) what resolution awaits Beatrice and Benedick?
“And a good soldier to a lady”could most accurately be restated as? and a good soldier compared to a lady