Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 3

Why is Bottom worried about theladiesin the audience? What solution does he offer? He fears that his acting will be to good and people will be scared that he actually killed himself in the play. He will tell people in the beginning that it is not real.
What problem worries Snout? What solution does Bottom come up with? That the ladies will be scared of the lion that he plays. Bottom says that he should also say he is not a real lion at the begginning of the play.
Why does propse looking at an almanac? They need to know if the moon will be out for their play.
Why does Quibce decide to have Starveling carry a thornbush? For scenery.
How does Bottom propose that Snout make the part of the wall more realistic? Make a circle for the crack in a wall where Pyramis and Thisbe talk.
How does Puck play tricks on the actors in the wood? He makes it more funny for his own amusement like putting a donkey head on Bottom.
How does Bottom react when he realizes that he has the head of an ass? He thinks people are making fun of him.
How does Titania react when she sees Bottom? What orders does she give her four fairies? She falls madly in love. She says to not let him speak and bring him to her room.
How is Quince’s problem with the lighting of his play similar to Shakespeare’s problem with the lighting of A Midsummer Night’s Dream? Never know when the moon will come out.
How does Oberon learn that Titania is in love with Bottom? How does he feel about that? Robin tells him.He thinks that now he has the opportunity to take the boy.
How does Oberon realize that Puck has made a mistake and bewitched the wrong Athenian youth? He sees Lysander in love with Helena.
What does Hermia think has happened to Lysander? Why does she think so? She thinks Demetrius killed him beacause he wants to marry her.
On whom does Oberon press the magical nectar now? Why? Demetrius. So he will fall in love with Helena and adjust the situation.
How does Helena react when Demetrius declares his love? Why? She thinks he is making fun of her. Lysander already professed his love.
Why do Hermia and Helena argue? They both think they are mocking each other.
Who challenges who to a duel? Lysander and Demetrius.
What does Oberon tell Puck to do to set things right on Earth? Tells him to get new herb to press on Lysander’s eyes so he will love Hermia.
How does Oberon plan to fix things in the fairy world? Get the boy and then release her from her spell.