Midsummer Night’s Dream

Shakespeare’s life and death dates April 23 1564-1616
Globe Theater diameter 84 feet
Globe theater full capacity 3,000
globe theater costs groundlings 1 penny, upper gallery 2 pennies, expensive gallery 3 pennies
Box office came from ushers took pennies in many small boxes and kept them in an office
break a leg groundlings drooled on stage, actors may fall and break a leg
life of a play 10 performances
Number of play and dates 12th play, 1595-96
Setting athens, greece
Midsummer’s night mirth, magic, and craziness
How did theseus woo hippolyta? with his sword in combat
Demetrius and Helena’s first assumed relationship Lysander claims demetrius slept with helena
Alliterations “That I did never- no, nor never can..””To fit your fancies to your father’s will…”
Diana/Phoebe The virgin moon
Helena’s soliloquy Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged cupid painted blind.
Actors’ occupations Quince – carpenter, putting the play togetherBottom – weaver, weaves a dreamSnug – joiner, joins world of magic and mortalsbellows mender, tinker, tailor, bringing the play together
Pyramus and thisbe Shakespeare got idea for Romeo and Juliet
Sucking Dove bottom’s malapropism for sitting dove and sucking lamb, innocencehe says he will roar very gently
Hermia’s dream dreams of a serpent eating her heart, Lysander tears her heart out
Puck’s other names Robin Goodfellow, merry wanderer
Birds Lysander says he will exchange the raven for the dove, hermia for helena
Oberon and titania’s love everlasting although they have squabbles
Queen elizabeth I A certain aim he took at a fair vestal (virgin) throned by the westcupid missed her
“I am your spaniel… The more you beat me I will fawn on you.” Helena to Demetrius
Apollo/Daphne Daphne ran away from Apollo and was turned into the laurel tree by her fatherHelena feels as if she is daphne chasing apollo instead, demetrius
Kenning for lips kissing cherries (demetrius to helena)
Helena and Hermia’s former friendship as close as sisters
Lovers call their former loves cankerblossom, raven, dwarf, minimus, knotgrass
Bottom’s Dream his dream is unfathomable, bottomless
Oxymorons hot ice, strange snow, tedious brief, tragical mirth
Malapropisms I see a voice, to spy an I can hear my Thisbe’s face, generally (individually), aggravate (moderate)