Merchant of Venice act 2

At the beginning of scene 2, who is playing the game of chance to try and win portia? prince of Morocco
In Act 2, which prince says that though his skin his darker, his blood is as red and his love as true an any pale northern guy? What does the prince say about his skin color? The prince of Morocco, he says that he wouldn’t change is skin color except to change Portia’s thoughts about him.
What does Portia tell the Prince of Morocco? It isn’t up to her who she marries, if it were, the Prince would stand in her affections just like any of the other suitors.
How does the Prince of Morocco brag about himself? The Prince says he’s very fierce and lists all the things he’s killed. In a game of dice, even Hercules could be heated by his servant.
What are Portia’s father’s conditions about the game of chance? If a suitor decides to play the lottery of chests and chooses the wrong one, not only does he lose a chance at Portia, he must never talk of marriage to another woman again.
In Act 2.2, who is talking to himself about quitting his job? What does he say his conscience tells him? Lancelot Gobbo, his conscience tells him to stay with Shylock but something in his brain is telling him to run away.
In act 2, what does Lancelot Gobbo chose to do about his job? Since his conscience tells him to stay with the devil, clearly the thing to do is run away, loyalty be damned.
In Act 2, who doesn’t recognize Lancelot Gobbo that should? What does Lancelot do about it? Lancelot’s father, Old Gobbo, doesn’t recognize his son in from of Shylock’s. Lancelot teases that the old man should speak of “Master” Lancelot, not just Lancelot. Old Gobbo says that young Gobbo is no Master Lancelot, just plain old Lancelot. Lancelot continues to tell his father that his son has died.
In Act 2, when Lancelot Gobbo reveals himself to his father, what does his father say? What does Lancelot say in return? Old Gobbo has brought Shylock a present and Lancelot suggests his dad give the present to Bassanio instead, as Bassanio is Lancelot’s new chosen master.
What has being Shylock’s servant left lancelot? In a state that you can count each of his ribs. (he’s not paid enough to eat properly.
Who does Bassanio take to see Portia in Belmont? What does this person promise to do? Gratiano, he promises he’ll behave and won’t do anything to ruin Bassanio’s choice of winning Portia.
How does Jessica describe living with Shylock? It is miserable and Lancelot was always a good distraction from the surrounding misery.
What does Jessica do upon Lancelot’s departure? Jessica gives Lancelot a gold coin and a letter to give to Lorenzo, who would be at Bassanio’s for dinner.
What does Lancelot call Jessica upon leaving? A “sweet Jew” and say that her heart has been stolen by a Christian.
How does Jessica feel about being Shylock’s daughter? Jessica is ashamed of being Shylock’s daughter. She says she’s nothing like him and hopes to put an end to all her troubles by becoming Lorenzo’s wife and converting to Christianity.
In the middle of Act 2, which 4 characters meet up to discuss a plan? What is the plan? Lorenzo, Gratiano, Solanio, and Salerio. Lancelot says they should disguise themselves, but Salerio says they don’t have torchbearers and Solanio thinks is pointless if they aren’t careful.
When Lancelot Gobbo delivers Jessica’s letter to Lorenzo, what does Lorenzo hear and what does he do about it? Lorenzo hears that Lancelot is planning to invite Shylock too dine with Bassanio, Lorenzo tells Lancelot to secretly deliver a message to Jessica.
In Act 2, after lancelot leaves from giving lorenzo the letter, what does Lorenzo announce? Lorenzo announces he has found a torchbearer. He tells the other men to meet at Gratiano’s house later.
What does Jessica’s letter to Lorenzo say? Who does Lorenzo tell this to? The letter says “Dear Sweetie, Please steal me away from my father’s house, sooner rather than later. Oh, and I’ve got some gold and manservants packed and ready to go.” Lorenzo reveals this letter to Gratiano.
What does Lorenzo declare about Jessica’s safety? Lorenzo says that any harm the girl comes to will be because she is the child of a “faithless Jew.”
Who does Lorenzo announce the torchbearer to be? Jessica
What does Shylock tell Lancelot about him dining at Bassanio’s? What does he tell Jessica? Shylock says he’s committed to feed upon his hatred of the Christians. He tells Jessica that she’ll have to look over the house and that he fears something bad is about to happen, since he dreamed about money bags is a bad omen. Shylock tells Jessica she’s not to put her head outside the window or let anyone in.
In Act 2, What does Lancelot tell Jessica as he and Shylock are leaving to go to Bassanio’s for dinner? What does Jessica tell her father to deflect his inquiries? Lancelot tells Jessica a rhyme, telling her that a Christian (Lorenzo) will be worth looking out her window for later tonight. Jessica tells her father that Lorenzo’s departure is no great loss, as he was lazy and slept too much anyway.
In Act 2, why does Shylock say he is grateful for Lancelot leaving him to work for Bassanio? The night of the dinner, what does Jessica declare? Shylock is grateful that Lancelot will assist Bassanio in wasting his borrowed cash. Jessica declares she’ll soon be rid of her father and he a daughter.
As Gratiano and Salerio wait outside Shylock’s house for Lorenzo to show up, what does Gratiano note? What does Gratiano compare love to? Gratian notes that Lorenzo should be early, since he is moved by love, which makes time run fast.Gratiano compares love to a banquet: you’re famished when you first sit down at the table, but you’re never hungry when you get up. In other word, once lovers have had their “fill” of each other, there desire isn’t as strong as it once was.
What does Gratiano say about hound men newly in love?What is the translation of this? They are like rich ships embarking on a journey, but whose sails soon become ragged when they’re tossed around by violent waves: love is rough and things between Jessica and Lorenzo will probably end badly.
Who says hound men newly in love are like rich ships embarking on a journey, but whose sails soon become ragged when they’re tossed around by violent waves? Gratiano
In Act 2, when Gratiano and Salerio are waiting for Lorenzo, what does Lorenzo say made him late? What does Lorenzo then do? Lorenzo says it was his business that made him late.Lorenzo channels Romeo and called up to his girl.
Who is the old blind father? Old Gobbo
What does Jessica give to Lorenzo as she is escaping? Why does she feel ashamed? What does Lorenzo say to her about that and tell her to do? What other things does Jessica steal from Shylock? What things does Lorenzo say he loves about Jessica? Jessica passes down a chest full of money.Jessica says she’s ashamed of being dressed like a boy. Lorenzo says she looks pretty in her disguise and tells her to come down and hold the lamp since she’s supposed to pretend she’s a hired torchbearer. She says, “Hang on. Let me lock the door real quick and stuff some more of my dad’s gold in my shirt.” Lorenzo says he loves her wisdom, beauty, and honesty.
In Act 2, when everyone is getting ready to head to Belmont, what does Antonio say they’ve been waiting for?Why are they headed to Belmont? Antonio says everyone’s been waiting for Gratiano. They are headed for Belmont so Bassanio can lead himself a rich wife.
What are the three chests made of and what does the winning chest contain and the other 2 chest contain?if a suitor chooses the correct casket, what happens, if he chooses the wrong one, what happens? gold, silver, and lead all of which have an inscription written on it. Inside one chest is a picture of portia; if a suitor chooses the chest with the picture, he can have the girl. Otherwise, he dies old and alone.
What does the inscription on the lead casket say? ‘Who chooseth me must give and hazard all he hath.”
What does the inscription on the silver casket say? ‘Who chooseth me shall get as much as he deserves.’
What does the inscription on the gold casket say? ‘Who chooseth me shall gain what many men desire.’
What does the Prince of Morocco say about the lead casket?The silver casket?The gold casket? The lead casket asks the man who chooses it to risk everything; the Prince decides he wouldn’t risk everything, or anything really, for plain old lead. The silver casket says he’ll get what he deserves in choosing it. the Prince declares that he has to weigh what he deserves carefully, and he determines that in birth, fortunes, grace, and stature, he deserves Portia.Oh, and because of how much he loves her. The gold one promises what many men desire, which seems to be Portia.
How does the Prince of Morocco cancel out the other two caskets and which one does he choose? Lead is too worthless, and silver is of less worth than gold, so gold is the only thing worthy enough to hold Portia’s portrait.
Which prince chooses the gold casket?What does he find in the casket upon opening it? The Prince of Morocco chooses gold. He finds a skull or a picture of a skull and a scroll beginning with the words: “All that glitters is not golf.” meaning what’s golden outside isn’t always golden inside, and the chooser would’ve known that had he been as wise a he is bold.
Which prince tells Portia to mind his skin color? Prince of Morocco
Who reads, “All that glitters is not gold.”? Prince of Morocco
In Act2, which 2 characters are gossiping about Bassanio’s ship leaving with Gratiano and not Lorenzo? Salerio and Solanio
Who has found his daughter has disappeared and who does he raise from sleep to tell? Shylock tells the Duke of Venice
What did the Duke of Venice find out about Jessica’s last appearance? Jessica was last seen with Lorenzo in Gondola, filed with love and Shylock’s money.
What was strange about Shylock’s reaction when he find out what happened with Jessica? What did he shout out? Who was he mocked by? What does Solanio think who will have to pay for this and why? Shylock cared more about his money that Jessica, shouting “My daughter! O my ducats! O my daughter Fled with a Christian! O my Christian ducats!” and so on. All the boys in Venice mocked him. Solanio is sure Antonio will have to pay for this one way or another since Shylock is apparently prone to violent outbursts and will have to take it out on someone.
What is the bad news Salarino gets from a Frenchman? Salarino hears that a ship was wrecked between France and England and hopes it wasn’t one of Antonio’s
As Bassanio leaves for Belmont, what does Antonio say to him?While he says all of this, how is Antonio? Antonio told Bassanio to take his time to win Portia and not to worry about his bond with Shylock. Instead, be happy and think of love and courtship. Of course he says all of this while weeping.
Who speaks about Antonio’s wrecked ships? Salerio and Salarino
At the end of Act 2, who is the arrogant prince that comes to try his hand in the casket game to win Portia? Prince of Arragon
What are the rules of the casket game that the prince of Arragon list? 1. he can never tell anyone which casket he chose2. he can never woo a woman in the way of marriage3. if he picks the wrong casket, he has to go away immediately; no sticking around to cry about it.
What does the Prince of Arragon say about each casket? The lead casket needs to be better looking before he’d risk anything for it. The gold casket would only appeal to those deceived into valuing appearances more than actual life. He comments of the silver casket’s inscriptions about getting what he deserves. He says if people were better at judging what was deserved, some great men would be knocked down, and some poor men raised up.
What casket does the Prince of Arragon choose and what does he find in it upon opening it?How do Portia and Nerissa react at his findings? The Prince of Arragon chooses the silver casket. There’s a picture of a fool’s head inside. Nerissa and Portia and glad to see him go.
Who goes to Portia’s house to announce Bassanio’s coming?What does the man bring to Portia?How does the messenger describe Bassanio? Gratiano His apologies, courtesies, and gifts of great value.Bassanio is awfully sweet and generally makes a good showing in preparation for The Lord.