Merchant of Venice Act 1

Who is Antonio? the Merchant of Venice, kinda sad; not friends with Shylock
Who is Gratiano? all about having fun, very happy
Who is Bassanio? connected with the Prodigal Son; not good with his money
Who is Portia? wealthy woman; inherited money from her dead father
Who is Shylock? Jewish money lender; not friends with Antonio
What do Solanio and Salarino think Antonio is worried about? they think he’s worried about his merchant ships
What’s Bassanio’s plan to pay off his debts? What does he need from Antonio? he will marry Portia to pay off his debts; he needs money from Antonio
Why is Antonio not able to directly give Bassanio what he needs? What does Antonio propose as a solution? he can’t give him what he needs because his ships are at sea; he proposes getting a loan from Antonio’s credit as his solution
What is Portia unhappy about? she is unhappy that she can’t choose her husband and about the lottery
How is Portia’s husband going to be determined? he will be determined by the lottery and the gold, silver, and lead chests
Why does Shylock hate Antonio? Shylock hates Antonio because of his religion and his act towards him
Why does Antonio hate Shylock? Antonio hates Shylock because he thinks he is bad and evil
What does Shylock propose as a penalty for the loan? Why does Antonio agree with this? a penalty for the loan is a pound of flesh and he agrees with it because he is confident that he will be able to pay him back