Macbeth Study Guide- Review Entire Play

If chance wants him to be king, “chance will crown” him. Macbeth
comes up with the plan to assassinate the king Lady Macbeth
will never be king, but will be the father of kings Banquo
Duncan’s eldest son Malcolm
Head was cut off and placed on the castle wall. Macdonwald
King of Scotland Duncan
“Hover through the fog and the filthy air.” the Witches
executed for being a traitor Thane of Cawdor
the ones Lady Macbeth plans to blame the murder on the guards
Lady Macbeth’s reaction when Macbeth calls off the plan to murder the king fury
a confusing feature of the witches’ appearance beards
“For brave Macbeth — well he deserves that name–/Disdaining Fortune, with his brandished steel, /Which smoked with bloody execution, Like valor’s minion carved out his blood passage/Till he faced the slave.” Captain
“Come, you spirits/That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here,/And fill me from the crown to the toe top-full/Of direst cruelty.” Lady Macbeth
“When the hurly-burley’s done,/When the battle’s lost and won.” the Witches
“My noble partner/You greet with present grace and great prediction/Of noble having and of royal hope,/That he seems rapt withal. To me you speak not.” Banquo
things of little importance or value trifles
imagines a dagger leading him to the king’s chamber Macbeth
“But this place is too cold for hell.” Porter
Banquo’s son Fleance
“Give me the daggers. The sleeping and the dead are but pictures.” Lady Macbeth
found the king dead Macduff
flees to England Malcolm
Duncan’s younger son Donalbain
has nightmares about the witches Banquo
True or False: The weather and environment are indicators of strange things happening in the play. True
True or False: Macbeth does not have any second thoughts about killing King Duncan. False
True or False: Macbeth is concerned because he is unable to say “Amen” when the guards say “God help us.” True
True or False: Lady Macbeth could not murder the king herself because Duncan looked too much like her father. True
True or False: From the very start, Lady Macbeth is upset that there is so much blood involved in killing Duncan. False
The Porter is meant to provide comic relief. True
“A little water clears us of this deed./How easy is it then!” Lady Macbeth
“Hear it not, Duncan, for it is a knell (bell)/That summons thee to heaven, or to hell.” Macbeth
safely escapes the ambush in the woods Fleance
suspects Macbeth of murdering Duncan Banquo
refuses to come when Macbeth calls for him Macduff
True or False: Macbeth sees the ghost of Duncan at the table. False
True or False: Lady Macbeth sees the ghost at the table. False
the goddess of witchcraft Hecate
True or False: Macbeth startles his dinner guests by suffering from an epileptic seizure. False
True or False: After a while, Lady Macbeth begins to regret how she became queen. True
True or False: Banquo secretly hopes that the witches’ prophecies will come true for him, too. True
“Sit worthy friends. My lord is often thus,/And hath been from his youth. Pray you, keep seat./The fit is momentary; upon a thought/He will again be well.” Lady Macbeth
a harsh or cruel leader tyrant
a ceremonial staff or rod scepter
“Beware Macduff.” First Apparition
“None of woman born shall harm Macbeth.” Second Apparition
Macbeth cannot be harmed “until Great Birnam wood to high Dunsinane hill/Shall come against him.” Third Apparition
entire family is slaughtered Macduff
wants to know if Banquo’s descendants will reign Macbeth
True or False: Macduff is a coward who abandoned his family. False
True or False: Lady Macduff understands and graciously accepts why her husband left. False
True or False: Malcolm and Macduff join forces to overthrow Macbeth. True
True or False: The witches showed Macbeth a line of men who looked like Banquo. True
“Infected be the air upon which they ride;/And damn’d all those that trust them!” Macbeth
“All my pretty ones? Did you say all? O Hell-kite — All?” Macduff
“Out, damned spot! out, I say!” Lady Macbeth
wants the Doctor to just give Lady Macbeth some medicine to “cure” her ills Macbeth
has heard Lady Macbeth confess to the murders the Gentlewoman
“Tyrant, show thy face!/If thou be’st slain and with no stroke of mine,/My wife and children’s ghosts will haunt me still.” Macduff
True or False: Lady Macbeth’s doctor knows he cannot cure her and fears she may kill herself. True
True or False: Malcolm, Siward, and Macduff join forces to overthrow Macbeth. True
True or False: Macbeth does not fear Malcolm because he is “of woman born.” True
True or False: Macbeth feels no guilt about killing Macduff’s family and is eager to kill him, too. False
True or False: Macduff becomes the new King of Scotland. False
True or False: Macbeth kills Lady Macbeth to relieve her of her sickness. False
True or False: Macduff cuts off Macbeth’s head as a trophy of battle. True
“The Thane of Fife had a wife: where is she now?/What, will these hands ne’er be clean?” Lady Macbeth
“Fair is foul, and foul is fair.” the Witches
“Life is a tale/Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury/Signifying nothing.” Macbeth
was “from his mother’s womb, untimely ripped” Macduff