Macbeth Review Questions

What predictions did the witches make about Macbeth? The witches predicted that Macbeth would become the Thane of Cawdor and then he would become king.
What predictions did the witches make about Banquo? The witches predicted that Banquo will not become king but his kids will become king.
Why was Duncan disappointed in the Thane of Cawdor? Duncan was disappointed in the Thane of Cawdor because he was a traitor, they later killed the Thane of Cawdor.
How does the first prediction com true? They executed the Thane of Cawdor.
Macbeth He started out nervous and didn’t want to be a murder then later he started craving power more and more and became more comfortable and felt less remorse
Blood a symbol of guilt for Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. After Macbeth kills Duncan, he feels like he cannot wash the blood from his hands, foreshadowing that he will be haunted later on in the play by guilt for the violence he commits. Lady Macbeth also feels guilty and is haunted by the vision of blood on her hands that she cannot wash clean (“Out damned spot”).
What must Macbeth do for the second prediction to come true? Macbeth has to kill king Duncan so lady Macbeth can become queen.
is Macbeth willing to kill Duncan? No he is not willing to kill Duncan.
Does Lady Macbeth see this necessary? Yes, she see it very necessary.
Name the three reasons Macbeth is against this. -He is afraid of being caught.-Duncan is a good king.-Duncan is his friend.
How is Macbeth finally convinced to go through with it? Lady Macbeth convinces him, she tells him that he isn’t a man unless he does kill Duncan.
How do they plan to get away with this act? They pin the murder on the guards.
What condition did Banquo set for if Macbeth does become king? Banquo suspects Macbeth is doing bad to become king.
What does Macbeth think about Duncan at the end of scene 1? Macbeth doesn’t think much of Duncan because he is now king.
What mistake does Macbeth make during the murder? Macbeth took the dagger with him when he was suppose to leave it at the scene of the murder(Duncans murder)
Who covers up this error? Lady Macbeth covers up for Macbeth who murder Duncan.
Why does Macbeth feel more remorse than Lady Macbeth? Macbeth killed Duncan who was a close friend to him.
Who discovered the king’s body? Macduff discovers Duncan’s dead body.
Why was it ironic when Macbeth said, “O, yet I do repent me of my fury. That I did kill them.”? Macbeth killed Duncan and then killed the two guys who were blamed for the murder when he really didn’t want to kill anyone in the first place.
Why do Malcolm and Donalbain flee? Malcolm and Donalbain fled because their dad was just murdered and they thought they would be next
Where is Macbeth going at the end of Act II and why? He is going to get crowned in fife.
What worries Banquo at the beginning of Act 3? Macbeth is doing bad things and it worries Banquo.
Why is Macbeth concerned with Banquo’s whereabouts? Macbeth wants to murder Banquo next.
Why does Macbeth hire the murderers? He wants to kill Banquo and fleance.
Who gets away from the murderers at the end of scene iii? Fleance gets away and escapes the murderers.
Where does Banquo’s ghost appear? He appears at the party and in Macbeths car.
Where is Macbeth going the next morning? he goes to talk to the witches.
For what does Hecate scold the witches? She was mad because she wanted to be a part of the evil plans.
Why wasn’t Macduff at the dinner party? He wanted to stay home and remorse and figure out who did it.
Who else is suspicious Macbeth had something to do with the murder? Macduff suspects Macbeth had something to do with the murders.
What does Macbeth ask of the witches? He wants to know more information.
List the 3 apparitions the witches show Macbeth. -Armed Head: “fear Macduff”-Bloody child: “No men born of a women can harm you”-Crowned child: “you will not fall until Birnam woods burn”
Why does Macbeth think the witches are wrong? He is cocky and refuses to believe the witches are right about the apparitions because they didn’t make sense to him.
What do the witches say that confuses Macbeth? The visions of the king.
Who does Macbeth say will die next? Macduffs family will die next.
What does Macduff’s son call the murderer?
How many men are ready to attack Macbeth with Malcolm?
What does Ross tell Macduff?
How does Macduff respond?
What does Malcolm say Macduff must focus on?
What is wrong with Lady Macbeth, and what does she do during this illness?
What does Malcolm order be done in order to conceal their numbers?
How does this appear to those that see it from afar?
What does Seyton tell Macbeth?
How does Macbeth react?
Why did Siward care which side his son had been mortally wounded on?
How was Macduff not born of a woman?
Who kills Macbeth?
Who becomes king at the end?