Macbeth Review Act II

Diamond What is part of largess that is for Lady Macbeth?
The three witches What does Banquo dream of?
I’m not thinking of them anymore we can talk bout it later when we have free time.(lies to do bff) What does Macbeth say in response to Banquo’s dream?
Sure, I’ll do what you say as long as it doesn’t bring me dishonor. Macbeth tells Banquo that if he sticks (“cleave”) with him, he will give him honor, Banquo responds, “So I lose none/ In seeking to augment it.” What does Banquo mean?
He sees himself killing the King What “fatal vision” does Macbeth have?
He is on his way to kill Duncan Where is Macbeth going at the end of his soliloquy at the end of Act II of scene I?
Duncan reminds her of her father What reason does Lady Macbeth give for not killing Duncan herself?
He forgot to leave the dagger in the bedroom and how to say Amen. (guilt) What has Macbeth forgotten?
He cannot even think about what he did, let alone look at it again. (Guilt and Remorse) What reason does Macbeth give for not returning to Duncan’s bed chamber
The porter Who is knocking on the door? (scene 3 Act II)
It turns your nose red, puts you to sleep and make you urinate.(comic relief)[ Fair is Foul vv] What does the porter say alcohol does?
Wake him up in the early morning What does Macduff say the King commanded him to do?
The night was chaotic. What does Lennox say about the evening?
tenor= fear strickenGorgon= Duncan’s corpse Macduff uses the metaphor of a Gorgon. What is the tenor of this metaphor? What is Macduff comparing to a Gorgon?
You’re a lady, you can’t handle it. You would die if you heard What is Maduff’s response to Lady Macbeth when she asks what has happened?
He killed the murders out of love for the King What does Macbeth say he has done in response to the murder?
The violence was from love. He says it made me act without thinking. This is said to justify his crime and make himself look good Macbeth says, “Th’ expedition of my violent love/ Outrun the pauser, reason.” What does he mean and why does he say this?
She acts disgusted and requests to leave(she faints) What does Lady Macbeth do at this moment of commotion?
The secret plot that caused the King’s murder What does Banquo say he will fight against?
Donalbain went to Ireland and Malcolm went to England Where do Donalbain and Malcom decide to go?
He is talking about Duncan’s horses eating each other. The Old Man says, “‘Tis said they eat each other.” What is he talking about?
Malcolm and Danalbain are though to have hired the servants that killed their father What is the thought of Malcolm and Donalbain because they left Scotland?
He has gone to Scone to be crowned as King Where has Macbeth gone and why has he gone there?