Macbeth-Quotes King Duncan

A1S4-Duncan’s lack of character judgement (refers to old thane of Cawdor) “He was a gentleman on whom i built an Absolute trust”
A1S4-Duncan is fond of Macbeth “O worthiest cousin!” And “my worthy Cawdor”
A1S4-Shakespeare’s use of nature-Duncan talks about Macbeth “I have begun to plant thee,and will labour to make thee full of growing”
A1S6-Duncan praises the sweet atmosphere in Macbeths castle “This castle hath a pleasant seat;the air nimbly and sweetly recommends itself unto our gentle senses”
A1S6-Duncan refers to Macbeths loyalty “His great love,sharp as his spur”
A1S6-Duncan’s referral to Lady Macbeth “fair and noble hostess”
A1S6-Duncan’s immense praise for the new thane “We love him highly,and shall continue our praises towards him”