Macbeth Quizlet

Setting The Middle Ages; 1000s; Scotland and England
Foreshadowing The Witches’ prophecies: Macbeth = “first thane of Cawdor and then king;” Banquo’s heirs = kings; beware Macduff; no man born of a woman will be able to harm Macbeth
Symbolism of Lady Macbeth Lady Macbeth goes mad with guilt and sees blood on her hands that is only there figuratively. Blood is also a symbol of guilt in Macbeth’s case, too.
Symbolism of Weather The weather is unnatural with the lightning and thunder; these unusual events symbolize the numerous bloody murders that take place.
Main Theme Ambition; Macbeth and other characters in the play are driven to do horrific things in order to further themselves. Their ambitions are not quelled by any sort of morals.
Internal Conflict of Macbeth Macbeth has a lot of internal conflict when he decides to kill someone himself (Duncan) or have others be killed by someone else (Banquo, Fleance, Lady Macduff and her children by hired assassins). He sees a floating dagger and Banquo’s ghost.
Internal Conflict of Lady Macbeth Lady Macbeth had, at first, been all for gaining power by any means, even murder. But, she experiences internal conflict after Duncan’s murder and the killings of the guards. She pictures blood on her hands and cannot sleep.
Macbeth’s Personification of Life “Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage, And then is heard no more.” In one of Shakespeare’s most famous lines, Macbeth is comparing life to an actor who’s purpose is really nothing. He states this after he hears of the death of Lady Macbeth.
Characterization of Macbeth ambitious; self-serving; easily succumbs to pressure (from Lady Macbeth, specifically); arrogant; powerful in the kingdom, yet not in his personal life
Characterization of Lady Macbeth ambitious; self-serving; domineering; controlling; powerful in the kingdom by association and in her personal life
Author (with correct spelling) William Shakespeare
External Conflict Most of this play can be categorized as external conflict. Some examples include Macbeth killing King Duncan, the assassins attacking Banquo and Fleance, and Macduff beheading Macbeth.
Setting of the Witches Gatherings A heath or hill in open country
Mood Feelings of dread, suspense, and fear
Dramatic Irony The audience is aware of many things that occur before the characters in the play find out about them. Some examples include knowing of Macbeth’s killing of Duncan and Fleance’s escape from the assassins.