Macbeth final test

What does the witches line ” fair is foul, foul is fair” suggest? Things aren’t what they seem
Who is sentenced to death? Why? Thane of Cawdor, he was a traitor
What do the witches predict for Macbeth? For Banquo? Macbeth – he will become Thane of Cawdor and king; Banquo – his descendants will be kings
Macbeth says, “Stars, hide your fires, Let not light see my black and deep desires.” What are Macbeth’s desires? He wants to be king, and he will kill Duncan to be king
Why must Duncan’s sons flee the country? They fear for their lives
What were evidences of unrest in nature because of Duncan’s murder? Duncan’s horses fought and ate each other, the ground shook and chimney blew down, an owl killing a falcon
What does the “barren scepter” Macbeth refers to symbolize? He will have no heirs to the throne
When the ghost appears at the banquet, who can see it? Only Macbeth
Why does Lady Macbeth ask the guests to leave the banquet? Macbeth might reveal too much
Why is Hecate angry with the witches? They wasted their talents on an unappreciative person
What do each of the apparitions tell Macbeth? 1 – beware of Macduff, 2 – no man born from woman shall harm him, 3 – Macbeth shall not be defeated until Birnham Wood comes to Dunsinane
While in her sleep, what is Lady Macbeth trying to do? wash blood from her hands
Why does Malcolm command the soldiers to cut branches? To conceal the number of soldiers
What does Macbeth’s “Tomorrow…” speech show? That him thinks life is meaningless
How does Macduff fulfill the witches’ prophesy? He was taken from his mother’s womb (caesarean section); not a natural birth
What does Malcolm call Macbeth in the end? A dead butcher