Macbeth Entire Play

severed head gives the prophecy “Beware Macduff!”
bloody baby gives the prophecy that Macbeth need not fear one of woman born
crowned child with bough gives the prophecy that until Birnam Wood come to Dunsinane Hill, Macbeth is safe
line of kings gives the prophecy that Banquo’s children will still rule for many generations
Malcolm will attack Macbeth using forces from ______. England
_____ joins Malcolm and abandon Macbeth. Lennox
_____ is killed by Macbeth in the castle. Young Siward
_____ is sent to attack Macbeth’s castle first. Siward
_____ dies due to a mental break down and a guilty conscience. Lady Macbeth
_____ kills Macbeth in the castle. Macduff
_____ is killed on stage in Act 4. Macduff’s son
_____ is killed in Fife by hired murderers. Lady Macduff
_____ reports to Macduff that his family has been killed. Ross
_____ tries to warn Lady Macduff of danger. a Messenger
Malcolm lies to Macduff at first in order to _______. test Macduff’s loyalty
_____ is the only servant left on Macbeth’s side at the end of the play. Seyton
_____ inherits the throne at the end of the play. Malcolm
_____ will somehow inherit the throne in the future based on the witches’ prophecies. Fleance
_____ was hired by Macbeth to try to cure his wife. the Doctor
Lady Macbeth reenacts _____ while she sleepwalks. the murder of King Duncan
Macbeth does not sit at the banquet table in Scene 4: because he sees Banquo’s ghost in his seat
Macbeth persuades two murderers to go after Banquo by: convincing them that Banquo is their enemy.
When the murderers attack they succeed in: killing Banquo.
The murderers fail during the attack when: Fleance escapes.
The murderers are kept silent because: another murderer murders them.
In Scene One Banquo suspects: Macbeth gained the throne through evil means.
During Act Three, Macbeth is called into question as a leader due to: his failing mental state.
Lady Macbeth changes in Act Three to: a scared and quiet woman.
Scene Five that was cut out of the film version of the play, involves the character: Hecate.
At the end of Act 3 the audience is made aware that: Macduff has gone to England to ask for help.
Macduff plans to: overthrow Macbeth.
Malcolm is in: England with Edward and Siward.
Macbeth sees a _____ at the end of Scene One. a floating dagger
______ and _____ introduce Scene One. Banquo; Fleance
At the end of Scene One ____ makes a noise and calls Macbeth to kill Duncan. a bell
Lady Macbeth subdued the guards using: alcohol
Lady Macbeth hears the cry of a(n) _____ while Macbeth is killing the king. screech owl
_______ cried out in their sleep while Macbeth was killing the king. the guards
What noise startles Macbeth and Lady Macbeth at the end of Scene Two? knocking
The ______ answers the castle door in Scene Three. porter
______ and _____ arrive at Macbeth’s castle in Scene Three. Macduff and Lennox
______ goes to wake the king and discovers the king is dead. Macduff
______ killed the guards when the king’s body was discovered. Macbeth
______ and _______ are suspected of arranging the king’s death. Donalbain; Malcom
______ flees to Ireland. Donalbain
____ flees to England. Malcolm
______ and ______ discuss the strange happenings of the night in Scene Four. Old Man; Ross
The first strange thing described in Scene Four involved: an owl killing a falcon
The second strange thing described in Scene Four involved: the King’s horses escaping and eating each other
In Scene Four _______ reveals that _____ will be the next king. Macduff; Macbeth
a follower or underling of someone in power minion
accurately predicting what will happen in the future prophetic
a high place vantage
a person who signals the arrival of another harbinger
serious and urgent dire
a broad ornamental band of sculpture on a building frieze
friendless; unequal; unrivaled peerless
to betray one’s country or morals treason
to call out to someone to attract attention hail
bad; offensive to the senses foul
the king of Scotland DUNCAN
the catalyst that drives Macbeth to do evil LADY MACBETH
Macbeth’s best friend; the father of kings BANQUO
betrayed the Scots to the Norwegians and was beheaded as a traitor THANE OF CAWDOR
harbingers of Macbeth and Banquo’s future WITCHES
the country attacking the Scots Norway
a barren landscape common in England and Scotland moor
a short speech by a character that only the audience can hear aside
the instance when the audience knows something that a character on stage is unaware of dramatic irony
happens in Act 3 or the middle of a Shakespearean tragedy crisis
happens in Act 2 of a Shakespearean tragedy complication
happens t the end or in Act 5 of a Shakespearean tragedy catastrophe
a trait of tragedy that shows a character with power or position must lose this power or position high status
a trait of tragedy that shows a character getting the exact opposite of what is expected reversal of fate or fortune
a trait of tragedy that shows the end of the play resulting in complete destruction of all major characters universal death
a trait of tragedy that shows a main character has a specific personality trait that will lead to their undoing fatal flaw