Macbeth Characters and roles

Macbeth thane of glamis, then made thane of cawdor, and is crowned king of scotland once original king is murdered
Lady Macbeth convinces macbeth to kill Duncan and in the end commits suicide because she has felt guilt.
The three witches plot stuff against Macbeth and their predictions cause Macbeth to change things like killing people
Banquo predicted would inherit the throne, but got murdered so his ghost came back and haunted Macbeth
King Duncan King of Scotland
Macduff Scottish nobleman against Macbeth; goal is to get Malcolm the throne
Malcolm son of Duncan; wants to get his rightful throne with the help of Macduff
Hectate goddess of witchcraft
Fleance Banquo’s son and surivives Macbeths attempted murder
Lennox Scottish nobleman
Ross A scottish nobleman
The Murderers a group used by Macbeth to kill people
Porter Drunken doorman of Macbeth’s castle
Lady Macduff wife of Macduff. Is killed by Murderers ambush
Donalbain Duncan’s son and Malcolm’s younger brother
Seyton Macbeth’s servant
Angus Malcolm’s Scottish nobleman
Menteith Malcolm’s Scottish nobleman
Caithness Malcolm’s Scottish nobleman
Siward Earl of Norway
Young Siward Siward’s son
Macdonwald leader of the rebel forces fighting against the King of Scotland; Macbeth is praised for defeating him in battle