Macbeth Act Five Comprehension Check 2011 Secondary Solutions

why is a doctor visiting the macbeth household? because lady macbeth is sleep-walking
what strange behavior has lady macbeth been exhibiting?what does she say? washing her hands and muttering to herself;she says- “out damned spot”
what does the doctor say lady macbeth needs?what does he tell lady macbeth’s gentlewoman to do for her? divine intervention (god)remove harmful objects
who has gathered to fight macbeth?where have they planned to meet? caithness, menteith, lennox, & ross;planned to meet at Birnam Wood
what has macbeth done in response to the insurance? prepared for war/ ready to fight
what is macbeth thinking about at the beginning of this scene? how does he try to convince himself that he should not be afraid? the prophecies;he says that it wont ever happen and there is no way for it to come true
what does the servant report to macbeth? 10,000 men are approching
what does macbeth want Seyton to do for him? put on his armor/ get him ready to fight
what does macbeth tell the doctor to do for lady macbeth?what is the doctor’s reaction to macbeth’s request? cure her by giving whatever medicine she needs;doctor says that he cannot do it- it is a mental illness and no medicine will cure her
what orders does malcolm give at Birnam?why is this important? cut off the branches and disguise themselves;important because the 3rd apparition is coming true
what is macbeth’s reaction to the news of his wife’s death? he is dismissive/ it does not bother him that much
what news does the messenger bring to macbeth?why is this news unsettling to him? Birnam Wood is coming to Dunsinane;unsettling because of the 3rd apparition- he did not think it would come true
who does macbeth kill and why does macbeth feel he is now safe? young siward because it is one less threat for macbeth to be killed
who shows up loooking for macbeth? macduff
why does macbeth hesitate to kill macduff? he feels guilty for killing his family
what do we learn about macduff? he was not delivered vaginally because his mothered died giving birth so they had to cut him out (he was not born of woman)
how does macbeth regain some scense of manhood in his last moments of life? he does not back down and he fights until his death
what news does ross break to Old Siward? that his son was killed
what trophy does macduff bring to the people of scottland? macbeth’s head
who becomes king?why is this ending surprising, considering the witches’ prophecies? malcolm becomes king;ending is surprising because the witches said banquo’s children would be king