Macbeth Act Five comprehension check

Why is a doctor visiting the Macbeth household? To observe Lady Macbeth
What strange behavior has Lady Macbeth been exhibiting? What does she say? She has been sleepwalking and saying that she was an accomplice in the murder of King Duncan.
What does the Doctor say Lady Macbeth needs? What does he tell Lady Macbeth’s gentlewoman to do for her? Lady Macbeth needs the help of the Divinity and asks her gentlewoman to pray for her.
Who has gathered to fight Macbeth? Where have they planned to meet? The English, at the behest of Malcolm, are gathering to fight the tyrant king Macbeth
What has Macbeth done in response to the insurgence? He has fortified his castle in response to the insurgency
What is Macbeth thinking about at the beginning of this scene? How does he try to convince himself that he should not be afraid? Macbeth is musing on the witches’ predictions and convinces himself not to be afraid due to their prophecies coming true.
What does the servant report to Macbeth? The English are being led by Macduff
What does Macbeth want Seyton to do for him? put on his armor
What does Macbeth tell the Doctor to do for Lady Macbeth? What is the Doctor’s reaction to Macbeth’s request? He tells the Doctor to cure her, but he cannot.
What orders does Malcolm give at Birnam? Every solider is to carry one bough from a tree of Birnam Wood, which is contrary to the witches’ predictions.
What is Macbeth’s reaction to the news of his wife’s death? He is devastated by the news of his wife’s death.
In this scene, Macbeth speaks some of the most famous lines in Shakespeare: “Out, out brief candle!/Life’s but a walking shadow. a poor player/That struts his hour upon the stage/And then is heard no more. It is a tale/Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,/ signifying nothing.” What does the quote mean and what does it reveal about Macbeth’s feelings about life and death? Explain. Macbeth at this point feels that life is meaningless

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