Macbeth- act 5 scene summaries

Act 5, scene 1 Lady Macbeth’s waiting-gentlewoman tells a doctor of the Lady’s sleepwalking… Lady Macbeth walks and talks in her sleep, revealing her sercets.
Act 5, scene 2 The Scottish forces arrayed against Macbeth are on the March. The Scottish leaders comment on Macbeth’s desperate rage.
Act 5, scene 3 Macbeth hears that the thanes are abandoing him, that the English army is approaching, and jis wife is soul-sick but he tries to convince himself that he has nothing to fear, and prepares to fight.
Act 5, scene 4 The forces oppposed to Macbeth enter Birnam wood, and Malcolm gives the order for every soldier to cut a tree branch and hold it before him.
Act 5, scene 5 Macbeth expresses his defiance of the forces marching against him, then hears a cry of women and receives the news of his wife’s death… A messager reports that Birnam woods is coming to Dundinane; Macbeth goes out to meet his fate.
Act 5, scene 6 The Englsih and Scottish forces, led by Malcolm, begin their attack upon Dunsinance.
Act 5, scene 7 Macbeth fights Young Sidward and kills him… Macduff seeks Macbeth… Malcolm and Sidward take possession of Dunsinance.
Act 5, scene 8 Macduff and Macbeth do battle. Macbeth boasts that he cannot be harmed by “one of women born” but Macduff replies that he was “from his mother’s womb/ Untimely ripp’d.” They fight on and Macduff kills Macbeth… Malcolm, Sidward, and the rest enter. Sidward receives the new of his son’s death… Macduff enters with the head of Macbeth. Malcolm is hailed the king of Scotland, whereupon he rewards his followers and invites them to be crowned.