Macbeth Act 5

The gentlewoman in Scene 1 refuses to repeat lady Macbeth’s sleep talk to the doctor because… There is no witness to confirm the truth of the gentlewoman’s words
The “damned spot” to which Lady Macbeth refers is Duncan’s bloodstain
Macbeth tries to reassure himself that Malcolm and Macduff are not a threat to him because they… Are both “of woman born”
Is Macbeth’s anxiety grows, he commands the doctor to? Cure Lady Macbeth
Macbeth’s reaction to his wife’s death shows that he… Thinks life is a meaningless path to death
Macduff declares that he must kill Macbeth because… He must avenge his family members’ murders
Macbeth finally realizes that the witches and apparitions Deceived him with ambiguous messages
The play ends with the thanes acknowledging who as Scotland’s new and lawful King? Malcolm
The Final Act of Macbeth reveals that Lady Macbeth has become… Haunted by guilt
Unlike her husband, lady Macbeth’s Behavior becomes… Hysterical
Until the very end, Macbeth believes that The Witches’ prediction will save his life
As he prepares for his final battle, Macbeth expresses his disappointment that old age will not bring him… Love, honor, and friendship
Young Siward died with honor because… He stands up to Macbeth
When Macbeth says, “Out, out, brief candle!” the word candle refers to? Life
When Macbeth reveals in scene 5 that he has grown impervious to fear and horror, he is underscoring the play’s theme of the… Destructiveness of blind ambition
Reveals murders of Lady Macduff and the King… Lady Macbeth
Reveals that Lady Macbeth has hallucinations… The doctor
Reveals that Lady Macbeth is dead… Seyton
Reveals that Berman Wood is approaching the castle… The messenger
Reveals that his supporters will be made Earls… Malcolm