Macbeth Act 4 Reading and Study Guide answers

When the witches are chanting “double, double toil and trouble; / fire burn, and cauldron bubble,” what are they doing? They are making a spell for macbeth
What is the “something wicked” that “this way comes”? Macbeth
What is the first apparition? What does the first apparition tell Macbeth? Armored head says “beware macduff”
What is the second apparition? What does the second apparition tell Macbeth? Bloody child: none born of women shall harm macbeth
What is the 3rd apparition? what does the 3rd apparition tell Macbeth? Be confident because until the woods March the castle, he will not be defeated
What is the one more thing that macbeth wants to know? If Banquo’s descendants will ever rule
What do the witches show Macbeth in response to his last request? A feast of Banquo’s descendants who are kings.
What does Macbeth say he will do to macduff Kill him
What reason does Lady Macduff give for why Macduff must not love her in their children? Because he runs to England instead of protecting his family
What does Lady Macduff tell her son about Macduff? He is dead and he has died a traitor
What reason does macduff son give for why the liars and swearers are fools? For there are liars and swearers enough to beat the honest men and hang up them
What does the messenger tell Lady Macduff? To flee with her children because danger is coming
What happens at the end of the scene? The murderers then enter kill Macduff’s son and then his wife
What does Malcolm suspect might be Macduffs motivation? To betray Malcolm and gain favor with Macbeth
What does Malcolm ask Macduff about his family? Why did he leave them?
What is the first reason Malcolm gives when he argues that he would be a bigger tyrant than Macbeth? Lust, greed, traitor
What does Macduff say he can do for his voluptuousness? Use willing women
What is the second reason Malcolm gives for why he wouldn’t be a good king? Greed
What is Macduffs final response to Malcolms description of himself? “You’re unfit to live much less be king”
What does Malcolm tell Macduff about the thing he said He was making it up to see if macduff was trustworthy?
What does Malcolm sat king Edward if and to do? He has a cure and can heal people with his touch
At first what does Ross say about Macduffs family? That they are well
What has England lent Malcolm 10K Soldiers
What does Ross finally tell macduff His family is dead
What medicine does Malcolm say they should take to cure the deadly grief? Revenge on Macbeth