Macbeth act 4 & 5

name three ingredients that go into the witches cauldron eye of newt, tongue of dog, scale of dragon
what form does the first apparition take? an armored head
what warning does the first apparition give? beware macduff, beware the thane of fife
what form does the second apparition take? a bloody child
what warning does the second apparition give to macbeth? anyone that was born of woman could not kill macbeth
what form does the third apparition take? a child crowned with a tree in hand
what warning does the third apparition give to macbeth macbeth cannot die until Great Birnam Woods moves to High Dunsinane Hill
what is the last question macbeth asks of the witches will banquos children reign in Scotland
what is the last apparition that macbeth sees? a show of 8 kings and banquo last
when macbeth finds out that macduff has fled to england, what does he resolve to do? he decides to kill macduffs wife and child
why is lady macduff upset with her husband because macduff leaves her and his son u nprotected
who is lady macduffs cousin Ross
lady macduff tells her son that his father is dead. how does the son reply? he doesnt believe her
what message does the messenger brings to lady macduff shes in danger
what happens to lady macduff and her son? they both get murdered
why is malcolm suspicious of macduff? because since macduff and macbeth were friends, malcolm thinks that macduff is trying to get him to go to scotland so macbeth can kill malcolm
malcolm puts himself down, saying that he is even worse than macbeth in order to do this. what is it? to make sure macduff is loyal and wants malcolm for the right reasons
when he is sure of macduffs loyalty, he tells macduff of his plan to win back the throne of Scotland. how many men has he gathered for his army 10,000
describe king edward of england good, kind, able to heal, cures, anti macbeth
what news does ross bring to macduff that his family has been murdered
how does malcolm suggest that macduff deal with his grief? killing macbeth
what odd defect has lady macbeth developed sleep walking and sleep talking
what has she commanded that she must always have near her a candle or light
what motion does lady macbeth always repeat the motion of washing her hands
how long does she do this 15 minutes
what is she trying to do get the blood off her hands
what does she confess to while she is sleeping? all the murders
what three men lead the english army? malcolm, siward, macduff
where are angus, lennox, mentieth, caithness and the soldiers going to meet the english army near Birnam wood
why is donalbain not marching with his brother cause he is a back up plan/ spare
where is macbeth and what is he doing? castle, waiting for the siege
how many soldiers march towards macbeths position 10,000
according to the doctor what is wrong with lady macbeth? she is going insane
how long does macbeth intend to fight? until he is dead
what order does malcolm give in birnam wood cut down branches and mask some of the troops or soldiers so it makes it look like less
what does he hope it will do confuse macbeth
how does it help fulfill one of the prophecies about macbeths downfall birnam wood is going to dunsinane hill
what unwelcome news does seyton bring to macbeth that lady macbeth died/ killed herself
what is the meaning of macbeths speech? he knows he is going to die
who is going to lead the battle against macbeth? siward, young siward, macduff, and malcolm
what young man does macbeth kill? young siward
in what way is macduff not born of woman c-section
what gory trophy does macduff show malcolm? macbeths head
what title does macduff greet malcolm king of scotland
according to macbeth, how did lady macbeth die she killed herself