Macbeth Act 3 Scene 4

What suspicions does Banquo voice? What does he say that lets us know what he suspects? Macbeth became King by foul means.
Who besides Banquo knows of the witches’ prophesies? Lady Macbeth
Why does Macbeth question Banquo about his plans? He is planning on killing him
In lines 51-76, what doubts does Macbeth say is troubling him? Banquo knowing he killed duncan and and that his sons will not be kings
What does Macbeth tell the murderers about Banquo? He has caused them to have bad fortune and he is their enemy. Macbeth has also promised them that they would never be punished for their crimes.
According to Macbeth, why does he himself not kill Banquo? (lines 130-138) He doesn’t need to suspected for his death and he fears Banquo
. Who else are the murderers to kill? Fleance, Banquo’s son
. What is the meaning of Lady Macbeth’s saying: “Naught’s had, all’s spent,/Where our desire is got without content”? Macbeth becoming king is not what they expected.
In lines 18-28, from affliction does Macbeth suffer? Terrible nightmares.
In line 39, Lady Macbeth says, “You must leave this.” What does she mean? She’s telling Macbeth to leave behind Duncan’s death.
Is Lady Macbeth aware that Macbeth has planned the death of Banquo and Fleance? No
How is the planning of Banquo’s murder quite different from that of Duncan’s. Macbeth is not being urged by lady Macbeth.
Who is murdered in this scene? Banquo
Who escapes? Fleance
What is Banquo’s dying request of Fleance? He may take revenge of his death
What activity opens this scene? Banquet
Who joins the assembled group, sitting in Macbeth’s place? Ghost of banquo
How does Lady Macbeth explain Macbeth’s strange reaction? That he has done this since he was young.
How does Lady Macbeth respond to Macbeth when he says he sees Banquo’s ghost? She says that he is weak under pressure.
Why does Lady Macbeth ask everyone to leave? Macbeth is getting worse.
Who refused the banquet invitation? Macduff
What is Macbeth’s plan for the next day? Send a spy to Macduff’s house and go see the weird sisters.
Macbeth says in lines 143-145 what is causing him to be so unsettled emotionally. What does he imply will help him? inexperience, sleep will help him.
What does Hecate plan to do? Summon Macbeth to a meeting. She plans to put a spell on him to become overconfidence. She also will give Macbeth more hallucinations
What is implied in Lennox’s speech at the beginning of scene 6? Macbeth’s sincerity and how loyal Lennox is to Macbeth. He believes Macbeth handled things well
Where has Macduff gone? To england to meet king edward.
What does he hope to do there? To convince them to help him dethrone Macbeth.
What dramatic purpose does this scene serve? Macbeth’s end is near.
This act marks the turning point for Macbeth’s fortunes. At what point does this happen? After seeing Banquo’s ghost and realizing that he cant turn back.