Macbeth Act 3

Banquo enters and is thinking about the fact that if the witches spoke true to Macbeth… he is wondering when his predictions will come true
Where does Macbeth invite Banquo to join him? the banquet dinner
What is Banquo doing this afternoon? going horseback riding
Who is going with horseback riding with Banquo? Fleance
What does Macbeth mention about Malcolm and Donalbain? they still have not confessed their “crime” of parricide
Who does Macbeth ask the servant to bring to him? the two men that will kill Banquo
What does the “to be thus is nothing” line mean? what is the point of being king if he is not going to be king the rest of his life
Why is Macbeth’s crown fruitless? his kids will not take on the throne in the future, so his name will not live on
How does Macbeth convince the murderers to do the deed? Its Banquos fault for their bad life-style and the way they are living
Why does Macbeth compare the two men to dogs? All dogs are considered dogs, but some are better just like men. killing banquo will make you better
Why can Macbeth not openly kill banquo, even though he’s the king? he is now the king and can get away with it if he orders someone else
Who else is to be killed besides Banquo? Fleance, his son
How is Lady Macbeth feeling about the murder of the king? awful, it is driving her crazy inside and she wishes she could take it back and rather be dead
Why does Lady Macbeth believe the murder was worthless? they are not even enjoying being on the throne because they are so guilty and have so much to hide
What does Macbeth say about the snake? it is a symbol of danger
What does Macbeth not tell his wife? that he arranged a murder for Banquo
What does the first murderer do? he puts out the torch light
What has happened, partially due to the torch being put out? Fleance has escaped
Who enters the Banquet? the murderer
Describe the condition of Banquo bloody, lying in a ditch, 20 deep gashes in his head
Who appears in Macbeth’s place at the table? the ghost of Banquo
What is Lady Macbeth;s excuse for Macbeths reaction? he often has fits and acts like this. he has been since he was a child
Who ignored the invitation to the celebration? Macduff
who will Macbeth visit the next day? the witches
Who is Hecate? the Queen of the Witches
Lennox (a thane) is speaking with Sarcasm. What does his speech lead the reader to believe about what the Lords suspect at this point? Macbeth has been committing the murder
Where has Macduff gone? to England to ask the king for help
Who is Edward the Confessor? King of England
What is about to occur? a war