Macbeth Act 1 Scenes 1-7

What characters are introduced in scene 1? the three witches
how would you interpret the line “Fair is foul”, and “foul is fair”? Nothing is as it appears.
What specific plan is mentioned in Scene 1? They planned to speak with Macbeth after the battle is lost or won
What three men are leading troops into battle against Duncan? Macdonald, King of Norway, and Thane of Cowdor
Who defeated and killed Macdonald? Macbeth
What is to be the Thane of Cawdor’s punishment for his traitorous activities? He will be executed
Who will receive his title? Macbeth
What revenge does the witch plan for the sailor whose wife wouldnt share her chestnuts? He will not be able to sleep becasue of bad weather; won’t be able to sleep
What do lines 24-25 indicate about the witches power? They can influence things such as manipulating the weather
What predictions do the witches make for Macbeth? They predict he will be the Thane of Cawdor, then will become the king
Why does Macbeth react the way he does to the witches’ predictions? He doesn’t think he will, wants to know more, and he is frightened
What prediction do the witches make for Banquo? His children (heirs) will be king
In lines 132-141 what is the horrid image of which macbeth speaks? Tthe witches he had previously met and he thinks the king is going to be killed
What further reward does Macbeth hope tp receive from Duncan? the throne
in lines 35-39, who is named to succeed Duncan to the throne? Malcolm, the oldest son of Duncan
In lines 48-53, how does macbeth react to the announcement He is upset about Malcolm getting the throne.
Where is Duncan to spend the nigh? inverness (macbeth’s castle)
What does the nature of the letter reveal about Macbeth’s relationship with his wife? They have a good relationship but she doesnt want him to become ignorant of being a king
in lines 13-22 how does Lady Macbeth characterize her husband? A man that is ambitious but doesnt have the determenation.
in lines 36-40 why does Lady Macbeth call upn the spirits to “unsex her.” To take away the woman emotions because they make her weak
in lines 59-63 what warning does she give Macbeth look innocent so that it doesnt look like their going to kill the king
What action takes place in scene 6? Duncan arrives at the castle.
how does lady macbeth greet duncan She is gracious, welcomes him, and thanks him for everything
In his soliloquy in lines 1-28 what reasons does Macbeth give for not wanting to kill Duncan? fears the consequences, he’s his kingsman and host, Duncan is innocent and a good king
What reason against the murder does he give Lady Macbeth? He doesnt want to risk anything because is the thane.
What finally causes Macabeth to decide to commit the murder Lady MacBeth convinces him that he will be able to blame it on Duncan’s kingsmen.