What is Banquo pondering at the beginning of Act III? Why are they imp. to Macbeth? What the witches told him about becoming king and macbeths actions.
What are Banqou’s plans for the day to go riding horses with fleance.
In Macbeth’s soliloquy in scene 1, he gives his reasons for wanting Banqou dead. What are they? (3) He is honest,banquo may figure out what macbeth has done,his sons will become king.
How does Macbeth convince the murders to kill Banqou? He convinces them that Banquo has harmed them or is the cause for their unhappiness.
What reason does Macbeth give for wanting Fleance dead? Fleance may become king one day.
In scene 2, Lady Macbeth speculates that Macbeth is unhappy. Why is Macbeth unhappy? He cannot sleep since he murdered duncan.
How has the relationship between Lady Macbeth and Macbeth changed from Act I? Lady Macbeth was the one making the plans to kill king duncan and she called macbeth weak.Now she has no idea of Macbeth’s plans and she is concerned because he cannot rest.She becomes more nurturing.
What mistake do the murders make when carrying out Macbeth’s plan? They fleance go
What is the first interruption of the banquet?The murderers return What news does he bring? What is Macbeth’s reaction? The murderers,fleance has escaped,he becomes upset.
What surprise is waiting for Macbeth in his seat at the banquet? Banquos ghost
How does Lady Macbeth cover for Macbeth, again? Why does she finally end the banquet? She says its a long term problem She says he has a disorder which causes him to hallucinate.She cancels the banquet because she is afraid macbeth will confess to the murders.
What does the audience learn the witches have in store for Macbeth? The witches will trick Macbeth into thinking he is greater than fate,he will mock death,and he is above wisdom,grace,and fear.
What does the audience learn about the whereabouts of Malcolm? Macduff? Why is it important? Macduff and Malcolm are in England with king Edward.They are asking king edward to send the English army to overthrow Macbeth because he has become an evil dictator.
Note the use of animal imagery continues in this act as well. List several examples from Act III Fleance and Banquo are Snakes.Men are Dogs