King Lear Test

King Lear banishes what people from his kingdom? Kent
Lear is the king of which country Britain
Which suitor of cordelia refuses to marry her after she is disinherited? Burgundy
Why does cordilia refuse to flatter lear as her sisters have done They were insincere and she doesn’t want to stoop to their level of hypocrisy
Who parallels Lear in the subplot storyline Gloucester
How does Edmund first deceive Gloucester into beleiving that edgar is plotting against him? He pretends to write a letter which he had fabricated, incriminating edgar
Which character could NOT be considered evil? Albany
Which character spoke these lines? “I love your Majesty/According to my bond, no more nor less” Cordelia
Which act solidifies Lear’s trust for his new servant, Caius (kent Disguised) Caius trips Oswald after lear has struck him because he is being impolite
Why is Kent put in the stocks at gloucester’s castle Insults and strikes oswald
How many servants/ knights do regan and Goneril finally agree upon as the number they will allow Lear to keep in his train if he wishes to live with either of them? 0
After Edmund hears about Cornwall’s visit he then schemes to get rid of Edgar. What does Edmund tell Edgar? Cornwall is angry with him for being on Albanys side or their disagreement
Edmund vows what to Gloucester To pursue edgar
How does Edgar escape being caught by kent By dressing up like a beggar
How many of lears men did Regan accept 25
Does gloucesters begging convince Regan and Goneril to let King lear back into the safety of their household No
What word best describes the characters of Regan and Goneril Stubborn
How is Kent punished for striking Goneril’s servant, Oswald? Thrown into stocks
What does Kent learn from on of lears knights Lear is close by
What does kent order the Gentleman to give to Cordelia A ring
What does Gloucester ask of Edmund to distract cornwall
Edmund plan to get Gloucester’s title, land, and other possessions by? betray him
Edgar the beggar says before he was poor he was? wealthy courtier who spent days drinking and with women
Regan tells Gloucester that it was Edmund who betrayed him
Which character was conceived out of wedlock and is considered a bastard Edmund
When they hear Lear is coming to visit them, where do regan and cornwall go? Gloucester’s castle
when lear tells reegan that Goneril has wronged him, what does Regan advise him to do? Go to goneril and ask her for forgiveness
After he curses both Goneril and Regan, what does lear do? Storms out of the castle with the fool
When they’re caught in the storm, what does the fool suggest that Lear do? To beg his daughter for shelter
What did regan, Goneril, and Cornwall do when gloucester asked to go look for lear Took possession of his castle
What does Edgar claim is happening to him> he is being possessed by devils
Why does lear take off his clothes? to show sympathy toward edgar
How does edmund react to the revelation of his fathers actions? pretends to be horrified but is secretly Glad
What does Gloucester overhear when gathering supplies? Plot against Lears life.
What does edgar realize after after seeing lears suffering his own sufferings are insignificant
what punishment do cornwall and regan inflict on Gloucester They blind him
Whom does Edgar encounter on the heath Gloucester
Where does GLoucester ask to be taken Highest cliff in dover
Whom does Goneril discover to be no longer on her side Albany
How does Albany regard cornwalls death thinks it is a punishment
Why is goneri upset about cornwalls death Regan can marry edmund
Who is in charge of the french army cordelia
why does lear not want to see cordilia hes ashamed of how he treated her
what does the doctor say that Lear needs sleep
why does regan think that Edmund should be with her rather than goneril? because her husband is dead and goneril is alive
What does regan promise oswald a reward for? Killing gloucester
What does edgar pretend to allow gloucester to do? Jump off a cliff
Who does Edgar say was with Gloucester at the top of the cliff a devil
who encounters edgar and gloucester in a maddened state King Lear
what happens when oswald tried to kill Gloucester Edgar kills oswald
what does edgar take from oswald as he dies the letters
what does reegan ask edmund not to do? sleep with Goneril
Why does Albany have mixed feelings about the fight the invaders he is sympathetic towards her
What does edgar give albany the letters from Goneril to edmund
Whom has edmund sworn his love to Regan and GOneril
before the battle between the French and English armies, to whose camp is lear brought Cordilias
What does edmund vow to do do to Lear and Cordelia Punish them severely
What happens to Lear and Cordelia during the battle the are captured
how does regan die poisoned by goneril
who fights a duel with edmund edgar
what does Edmund reveal as he lies dying he ordered cordelia to be killed
what happened to cordelia she is hanged in prison
What happens to lear at the end of the play he dies