King Lear critics

Finkelstein “King Lear… shows wickedness in full operation”
Finkelstein “those who live by human values may not always triumph… but they have a strength that misfortune cannot overcome”
Carrick “the period in the wilderness brings with it the possibility of change and redemption”
Warral Cordelia’s passing “establishes a feeling of THE END”
Adelman “his daughters disrupt the patriarchal ideal”
Adelman “dependence on female forces”
Kott “Lear is ridiculous, naive and stupid” “social order crumbles into dust”
Dollimore “makes visible the power struggles within Jacobean society”
Allen “power, property and inheritance”
Shakespeare’s hard but so is life “no justice is possible in the world as it is” “good is finally victorious, but only to mock them, only to expose their inefficiency”