King Lear Chapter Titles

1.1a That future strife may be prevented now
1.1b Which of you doth love us most
1.2 If it be nothing, I shall not need spectacles
1.3 His knights grow riotous
1.4 C3PeO cart, coxcomb, cuckoo, peace, egg, O
1.5 Thou shouldst not have been old till thou hadst been wise
2.1 Queasy question
2.2 Glass-gazing, superservicable, finical rogue (bawd)
2.3 Basest and most poorest shape
2.4a By Juno/Shut up your doors (Regan) 50/25/10/5/1
2.4b Scant my sizes (Goneril) 100/50/25/10/5/1
3.1 Contending with the fretful elements
3.2a I am a man more sinned against than sinning
3.2b Then shall the realm of Albion come to great confusion
3.3 They took from me the use of mine own house
3.4 I have ta’en too little care of this (hovel) / philosopher (Poor Tom)
3.5 This is the letter
3.6 I’ll see their trial first (Tom, Caius, Fool)
3.7 Out, vile jelly, where is thy lustre now?
4.1 I stumbled when I saw
4.2 Conceive
4.3 Holy water from her heavenly eyes
4.4 Thy business that I go about
4.5 Strange oeillades … to noble Edmund
4.6a Trifle with his despair
4.6b Centaurs
4.6c Through tattered cloths great vices do appear; robes and furred gowns hide all
4.6d If he return the conqueror; then I am the prisoner, his bed my gaol
4.7 Pray now, forget and forgive. I am old and foolish
5.1 Which of them shall I take?
5.2 Men must endure … ripeness is all
5.3a Thy great employment will not bear question
5.3b No tearing lady
5.3c Yet Edmund was beloved
5.3d All friends shall taste the wages of their virtue, and all foes the cup of their deservings

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