king lear act 2

why does Edmund ask Edgar to raise his sword against him his father is coming and he is trying to make it look like he is stopping Edgar
why is Edmund’s arm bleeding in this scene he cut himself on purpose
what does Glouster propose to do after Edgar’s Escape put him to death
who does Gloucester ask him to help find Edgar and bring him to Justice Cornwall
who does Regan blame for Edgar’s alleged problem with his father association with Lear’s knights
what will the king find when he and his followers reached Regan’s house an empty house
why have Cornwall and Regan come to the Gloucester castle and what do they wish to discuss with him to seek advice about the letters on whose side to take
why does Cornwall commend Edmund for fighting Edgar for having courage
whom does Glouster call his loyal and natural boy Edmund
why does Gloucester intend to publish Edgar’s picture throughout the kingdom to make people know he’s dangerous and that he’s wanted
why is Kent violently angry at Oswald Goneril’s steward he was disrespectful towards Lear and his letters said bad things about King Lear
does Oswald pretend that can’t is a total stranger to him and what proves him wrong yes he recounts how Kent tripped him and treated him poorly
why is Kent placed in the stocks Cornwall believes Oswald / Kent
what does Regan think would be worse than putting her father’s servant in the stocks the way her sister is treated
what is cornwall’s response to Kent’s statement that he serves the king they should put Kent in the stocks and Cornwall himself will deal with the repercussions
how does Gloucester feel about Kent being placed in the stocks he thinks it’s a bad idea
why does Ken speak in verse when he was alone in the stocks and in prose earlier in the scene when he is alone he speaks in verse when he is in Disguise he speaks in prose
whose letter does Kent read before he falls asleep Cordelia
where has Edgar been living since he fled from his father’s Castle in a hollowed-out trunk of a tree in the woods
how will he (edgar) disguise himself in order to save his life he will disguise himself as a beggar he will act as Tom o’bedlam
why is the king puzzled when he arrives at gloucester’s Castle Regan wasn’t at her house and didn’t bother to send back Kent
whom does the king see in the stocks and why was he put in the stocks he sees Kent kenton’s there because Cornwall believed Oswald over Kent
which metaphor does the fool use to foreshadow the fathers that wear rags to make their children blind but fathers that wear bags see their children kind
what excuse do Cornwall and Regan give for not greeting the King when he arrives at gloucester’s Castle they are sick and tired
why has Lear come to Regan’s house he left conroe’s place and he feels she will give him shelter
why does Lear fall on his knees to Regan to let him stay
how many of lear’s men has been dismissed when he arrives at gloucester’s Castle 50
how many men does Regan want him to have in his train 25
who does lear referred to as unnatural Hags Goneril and Regan
where does Lear go after his daughters reduce his trains of followers to nothing in nature in the woods