Hamlet Vocabulary

Assail Attack with arguments, quest. ; have a powerful effect on
Portentous Warns of evil; ominous
Privy Privately informed of
Invulnerable That cannot be injured
Auspicious Of good omen for the future; favoring to success
Obstinate Unyielding to reason or plea; stubborn
Impious Lacking reverence or respect for a parent or other authority
Imminent Likely to happen soon; threatening
Precepts Commandments or principles meant to serve as rules of conduct.
Pernicious Highly destructive; causing ruin
Piteous Evoking or deserving pity or compassion
Perusal Act of examining in detail; scrutiny
Brevity Expression in a few words; shortness of time
Satirical Using ridicule, sarcasm, or irony to expose, attack, or deride vices, follies, ect.
Contrive Think up or plan; bring about
Promontory High court point of land or rock that juts out into a body water; also used to refer to a bluff or a hill
Pestilent Fatal; deadly
Pastoral Potraying rural life, usually in an idealized way.
Affection Artificial behavior engaged in to impress others.
Visage The face, espescially the facial expression
Turbulent Full of disorder; violently stirred up
Insolence Quality of being boldly disrespectful in speech or conduct
Calumny False statement meant to harm someone’s reputation; slander
Torrent A violent, rushing stream; a flood of words, mail, ect.
Temperance Quality of being moderate or self-restrained in conduct
Judicious Showing good judgement; wise and careful
Clemency Leniency or mercy, especially toward an offender or enemy; an act of mercy
Extant Still in existance; not lost or destroyed
Primal First; original
Conjoined Brought together; combined
Discord Lack of harmony; conflict
Gleaned Collected or found out gradually
Craven Extremely cowardly
Exhort Urge strongly by advice or warning
Conjectures Theories or predictions based on guesses.
Impetuous Done suddenly, especially with little thought; reckless
Inceased Made extremely angry; infuriated
Ostentation Showly displaced
Conjunctive Serving to bind together; connective
Exploit A deed or act, especially a bold, daring, or heroic deed
Circumvent Go around; anticipate and evade or defeat by clevernes or deception
Churlish Surly and ill-bred; selfish
Diligence Painstaking attention to a task; careful effort
Perdition Eternal damnation
Verity Truth; reality
Edified Instructed and improved; enlightened
Germane Relevant to the matter at hand; to the point
Augury Foretelling the future by means of omens; an omen
Palpable That can be touched or felt; definite
Felicity Happiness; joy