Hamlet Deaths (In order)

King Fortinbras Killed by King Hamlet during battle. He lost his land. Coincidently, little hammy was born on this exact day !!(:
King Hamlet Killed by Claudius in the garden while napping. Claudius poured poison in his ear and made it look like he was stung by a snake.
Polonius Killed by Hamlet while Polonius is hiding behind an arras spying on Hamlet and Gertrude. Hamlet stabs him thinking it’s Claudius, but doesn’t really care that he got the wrong guy
Ophelia Killed by herself? Cause of death was drowning, but nobody is certain whether or not is was suicide or an accident. She was climbing and singing when a branch broke and she fell into a brook and her clothes were too heavy and weighed her down. The queen says she saw it all, but did nothing to help
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Killed at the hands of the king of england, but ordered to be killed by Hamlet. Hamlet found letters telling the king to kill him, so he rewrote it telling him to kill Rand G instead. Still feels 0 guilt
Queen Killed by Claudius but was unintentional. Claudius poisoned the cup that was meant for Hamlet, but she instead drank from it and dyed from the poison
Claudius Killed by Hamlet by being stabbed with the poisonous sword and then being forced to drink from the poisoned cup.
Laertes Killed by Hamlet when he stabbed him with Laertes own poisoned sword. Whoops :///
Hamlet Killed by Laertes when he was slashed with the poisoned sword. Dies last of everyone. Names Fortinbras king of Denmark