Hamlet annotations

what is the atmosphere of the first scene? midnight, pitch black spooky
How many times has the guards seen the ghost before? twice
What pact did old hamlet and old Fortinbras have between them? old hamlet killed old Fortinbras and took all of his land
What reason is rumored for the strong military build up recently? young Fortinbras is threatening to go to Denmark and take back his land
How does Horatio compare the ghost presence to the omen of Julius Caesar’s assignation? Used bad omens
What do the men decide to do about what they have just seen? tell Hamlet
How does the king plan to stop young Fortinbras Talk to his uncle
What does Laertes want? Return to France
What does the queen want hamlet to do? Stay home
How does claudus attempt to comfort hamlet in his greif? How does this end up insulting Hmalet Says that everyone looses a father.