hamlet acts 3 & 4

act 3 scene 1 Claudius thinks Hamlet is sad & afraid of what to comeWants to send Hamlet to EnglandTo commit suicide or nah?he wont kill himself because hes afraid of the unknown of deathPolonius wants Hamlet to talk to Gertrude(will listen in on their conversation)Go to nunnery-no guys should marry women-marry a fool won’t know women are awfulOphelia gets the anger that Hamlet has about his momClaudius says oh heavy burden my conscience-shows his guilt
Themes found in Act 3 Scene 1 CorruptionMadnessMortalitySuicideAppearance vs RealityHeaven/Hell
Act 3 Scene 2 Hamlet tells Horatio yo watch Claudius-if Claudius doesn’t react then the damned ghost liedHamlet is not nice to OpheliaHamlet rudely asks Guildenstern to play Hamlet says “you can’t play upon me”Claudius yells for lights to come onHamlet asks for moment alone and says “I will speak daggers to her but use none”
Act 3 scene 2 themes CorruptionMadnessRevengeAppearance vs RealityStrong belief in ghostsHeaven/Hell references
Act 3 Scene 3 Claudius acknowledges his guiltClaudius says “Bow stubborn knees”- isn’t remorsefulIf Hamlet kills Claudius while he relents Claudius will go to heaven but if he kills him during sin he’ll go to hellClaudius’s words go up but never go to heaven because he doesn’t mean themOld King Hamlet might not be in Hamlet
Act 3 Scene 3 Themes CorruptionMadnessMortalityRevengeAppearance vs RealityHeaven/Hell references
Act 3 Scene 4 Gertrude yells for help, Polonius comes to help Hamlet thinks it’s Claudius and kills himGertrude has no clue about Claudius (farewell intruding fool) being a murdererHamlet yells at GertrudeGertrude looks at her soulGhost appears and Gertrude can’t see it
Act 3 Scene 4 CorruptionMadnessMortalityRevengeAppeared vs Reality
Act 4 Scenes 1,2,3 R&G Where is the body?Hamlet is being sassyGertrude tells Claudius that she thinks hamlet is crazyBody is with the king but the king isn’t with the bodyHamlet doesn’t careBody is at supper with wormsHamlet tells Claudius to go to hellClaudius makes decision to send Hamlet away supposedly for damage control but he’s really gonna have him killed Claudius says ” do it England”
Act 4 Scenes 1,2,3 themes CorruptionMadnessMortalityRevengeAppearance vs RealityHeaven/Hell references
Act 4 Scene Polonius’s kids act strongly to deathLaertes thinks Claudius killed PoloniusGertrude defends ClaudiusOphelia hands out flowers which signify no funeral or burial for Polonius