Hamlet Act V Questions

Why are people confused about Ophelia’s death? They don’t know if she killed herself or not
What is one theme in Hamlet that’s shown through the play? Danger of revenge
Who accidentally drinks the poisoned wine? Gertrude
What is foreshadowed in the scene in the graveyard? The gravediggers are used to foreshadow that more deaths will occur in the play
What does Laertes do that angers Hamlet? He jumps into Ophelia’s grave
What is Hamlet’s response to these actions of Laertes? He jumpman into the grave too and fights with Laertes
What is ironic about Hamlet joking with the gravediggers? Its a graveyard
How is Hamlet mortally wounded? Laertes wounds Hamlet with the poisoned sword
What does Horatio attempt to do? Kill himself with the rest of the poisoned drink
What is Hamlet’s final act as King of Denmark? Voting for Fortinbras for the Danish crown
How does Hamlet feel about the fencing match? He laughs, because he thinks he’ll win easily
Why did the gravediggers not know if they should bury Ophelia? Because they don’t know if she killed herself or not
What is the nature of Hamlet’s speech to Laertes before they fence? An apology
What reason is given for Ophelia having a Christian burial? Because of her family’s high status
What does Hamlet want Horatio to do? To set the story straight