Hamlet Act IV

Why does Hamlet’s departure have special urgency? Gertrude is scared and upset Hamlet killes polonius
How does the Queen try to protect Hamlet? Gertrude claims he is still moral and that he is sorry
How does the King use Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? The king has r and g go find hamlet and talk to him nicely and bring polonius’ corpse to the chapel
What is it Hamlet refuses to do? Tell where polonius’ body is
How suspense built in this scene? We know crazy things are about to happen
What is the kings plan to get rid of Hamlet? Send hamlet to England, he sent a letter to the king of England to kill hamlet immediately upon arrival
What examples of irony do you note in this scene? Dramatic irony, we know that Claudius ant hamlet to England to kill him, hamlet doesn’t. Verbal irony, joking about a dead body
What information do we learn about Fortinbras? Asking for permission to move his troops through denmark on his way to Poland
What range of emotions does Hamlet seem to go through in this speech? Starts with philosophical reflection with state of mind and reflection, but in the end he makes a declaration that he will now act
Where do you see each? Reflection in the beginning then traditions to declaration
What is wrong with Ophelia? What is the cause? How does she behave? Go be crazy, due to the death of her father, talks nonsense, beats her breast, gets angry, talks about her dead father
Laertes returns. How does he react? Does this seem consistent with his character from out earlier view of him? How does it make him vulnerable to the king? He wants revenge for his father, wants answers. No, before he was simply warning Ophelia now he is filled with rage to get revenge and do whatever it takes. He will believe anything the eking tells him once the king says they are on the same side
What news of Hamlet is received at court? Hamlet has been kept a prisoner on an pirate ship, has things to tell Horatio
What plan does the king advance after he hears of Hamlet’s escape? Claudius will trick hamlet into an undertaking, this will be sure to kill him, making it look like an accident
How is Laertes a more formidable foe to use against Hamlet than the king’s previous choices? He is a man of action, and Polonius’ son so he will be seeking revenge
How does he win Laertes over to his side? Claudius manipulates Laertes, tells him how Hamlet is jealous of him, questions Laertes loyalty to his father and is able to channel Laertes’ anger against hamlet
Laertes makes the perfect foil for Hamlet in a number of way. How? Similarly, both lost a father and emotional about it. Different, Laertes takes action
What happened to Ophelia? She drowned