Hamlet Act 5 Scene 2

Explain Hamlet’s remarks to Horatio about fate. Hamlet said that if something was supposed to happen now, that it would. He also said that readiness is everything. Fate (in forms of the pirate’s intervention and his possession of the ring) allows Hamlet to return to avenge his father’s death. Fate as more power over people than most people” desires.
Describe Hamlet’s state of mind before he fences with Laertes. How has Hamlet changed? I think that Hamlet knew what was going to happen but might have been okay with it knowing that he had a plan going into this fencing match, as did Claudius and Laertes. Hamlet seems much more sane than he did in previous sections. Hamlet is ready to face whatever comes at him, even if it is death. Hamlet has mellowed out but still ready to face whatever comes. Before when he was mad, everything was done out of fear and pain.
Why does Hamlet apologize to Laertes? Hamlet apologizes for his madness doing Laertes evil rather than himself being the one in the wrong. He blames his own madness. Laertes’ father’s death was an accident. Hamlet compliments Laertes for his ability to act quickly and strongly.
Explain how each character died in this scene. Gertrude drank the poison cup. Laertes and Hamlet were both hit with the poisoned sword. Claudius was poisoned as well when Hamlet forced him to drink the poison.. R&G were killed in England. Before Laertes dies, he confesses what he and Claudius had planned.
Why did Shakespeare end it this way? The play was a tragedy.
Who and why does Hamlet appoint to tell his story? Horatio because it will save Hamlet’s honor (Horatio knew what really happened)
Who will the next King of Denmark Fortinbras, it was Hamlet’s dying wish because he claimed Hamlet’s respect.